Suggestion Box Friday (6/26/09)

Vacation is going great for your auction house master with BBQ's, boat riding, beach parties, and even a few arena games on a laptop under a palm tree. (Ok the last one was a lie but I wish).

Today I want you all to post a comment with your own strategies for making gold, whether it be speculation on 3.2, your current activies or maybe even gold mines of the past. Sharing ideas is the goal of this blog, so get going :)

Be sure to visit the forums for some great Q&A as well as auction house discussion. Definately want to give a shout out to the forum admins and MVP's who have done a marvelous job particularly in the "OMG I Can't Make Gold!" thread.

I'm having this next beer for the blog :)

A toast to the best wow gold making community on the internets!

PS: I've been getting some GREAT emails while on vacation regarding gems and such for the upcoming patch and I'll be making them into posts when I come back from vacation next Tuesday.

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  1. 25 dailies is enough of a cash flow for me:

    great guide to do 25 dailies in 1hr20.

    I do most like that guide - do the 5 Sons of Hodir, 7 AT, 6 Knights of Ebon Blade and fill in with cooking/fishing/skybreaker.

    Its stable because it doesn't rely on AH economy or anything, gets you rep, AT badges (which can go to pets which = good money) and I find it pretty relaxing and fun :)


  2. I pretty much run dailies and such for my gold making, but one small bit of pure cash flow is making guru's elixir out of the sucker fish that accumulate from fishing. Nice mid-70 buff potion that I sell in sets of 2 for around 2g50s....more than covers the free mats and then the vials I need to purchase. Typically batch post after I have 1-2 stacks of elixir and they sell out pretty fast....nice 60-80g in the bank.

  3. Sell everything. Everything including Haunch of Meat!

    Next part of really more for those who use the auctioneer addon.

    Gather up all the junk that's in the bags of your alts and sell it. For dumb things like Wild Hog Shank, put it in as vendor markup (3x what a vendor would pay you). Yes, people buy it. Every piece of copper contributes to wealth - and the really low level items have no deposit cost...

    Also, mail all your stuff to one toon. Have that toon do the posting. As you use appraiser, click the checkbox that says "Enable Batch Posting".

    When you first get to the auction house with the stuff from your mailbox, go to the Appraiser tab and hold down {Alt} while hitting [Batch Post]. This will refresh all the stuff you have set for batch post already. Then hold {Ctrl}{Alt}{Shift} and click [Batch Post]. It will remember all the settings you had for selling from the last time you sold.

    When you are done with this, look at what is left behind to be added with "Enable Batch Posting" - and remember to adjust values such as stack size and "Price Matching" if you need to adjust them.

    Repeat the {Alt} [Batch Post] and the {Ctrl}{Alt}{Shift} [Batch Post].

    Finally... Now you can run your regular AH scan. Get the pricing on everything else.

    Remember that if you have a lot of expired auctions, several trips to the mailbox may need to be made to clear it all out. Be sure to keep 1 slot open just to ensure space for custom stack size splits.

    Pricing tip: Set your undercut values to -25% to +100%. You never want to go too low - someone will always find your auction when there aren't any posters.

    Reposting: Don't be afraid to re-post many many times. Someone will want it. Honest!

    Bidding: Take your winnings, and manually look for things to bid on. sort the AH by lowest bid first; and look for the tell-tale low-bid, high buyout pattern. If the bid is at 20s, and the buyout at 9g with an 800% pricing according to Auctioneer... that's nearly a Sure Thing! Very rarely will I lose that bid. Add these things to the list of batch-posting stuff. (Oh and know the market - always know what stuff is really worth or you might find yourself bidding 50s on a stack of spice bread).

  4. Tip: Sometimes a break helps you out.

    I by no means control the glyph market on my server, but I've noticed that if I let all my auctions expire (take a break for 2 - 3 days) and then come back and relist often prices have gone up by 2x - 10x. I'm a very aggressive undercutter but this just seems odd. Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior?

  5. Dual-gathering.

    Without really working the AH or spending time just farming my (currently) 78 shaman hit 1,000 gold a little after level 64. He has herbology and alchemy.

    On the other hand my (currently) 52 rogue hit 1,000 gold sometime around level 45 with mining and skinning. Again she spent no time dedicated to farming and just picked up what she could find. Her mining skill is lagging a bit but skinning is already maxed for Azeroth.

  6. Mentat, I've been in the glyph market as a minor player (minors and researched/books only) for a month or so and noticed it is insanely fluid and unpredictable. Just when I think I'm sensing a trend, it does a 180.

    - One day you see 10 glyphs at 1gp, the next day 2 at 50gp.
    - One day there is an influx of 5 FotM undercutters, the next day/week they are gone.
    - One day you think a particular glyph is a consistently hot seller, the next day it goes cold

    I don't know the reason for your price increase after the break. Maybe the other glyphers think you exited or are on vacation and got lazy with their own posts, letting the prices slip up.

    One thing is for sure, I never get too discouraged about the glyph market. If one day is bad in terms of undercutting and sales, I know the next day could be wildly successful. Keeps things dynamic and WoW from feeling stale for me.

    My best tip (beyond accumulating and posting the widest possible spread of glyphs) is to mix things up constantly.
    - Post at different times of the day
    - Post at different prices
    - Post from an alt every so often
    - Post, then log...then wait 10 min then log right back in
    - Post for different AH durations
    - Post and just sit there until you afk out
    - Post from different cities/AHs

    The point is to throw off the competition. It's very easy to get into the scan/cancel/repost rut. Keep them guessing and frustrated.

  7. I've been using one of the video-winner's tips for a while: disenchanting Nerubian Legguards. I make a close to 200% profit margin on this, though it takes a while to move through the stock, and my server's economy isn't huge but is pretty darn stable (*knock on wood*). I also sell leg patches and epic capes, though the profit margin isn't terribly high. I just buy as many of the mats as I can when they hit really low and stockpile.

    Riding the coattails of one of the suggestions Markco made earlier this week about saronite ore's price decline, I did some quick calculations and figured out that there were rare-level LW goods I could make to disenchant into dream shards, which I can't believe I didn't explore before. The profit margin is a little less than the Legguards but it'll give me some more diversity and hopefully a more consistent profit.

    I do all this with just one level 80 toon and the help of a guildmate who disenchants for me, though my enchanter is almost Northrend levels so I can stop burdening him soon with 150 legguards in his mailbox to D/E, heh.

  8. Copying Gevlons "Glyph Industry" just with one alt and buying Titanium Ore and used Items like Rods

  9. My main income is from disenchant greens on the AH, y just today I made about 2000 gold purely from infinte dusts (it was a really good day today). I'm hoping to increase cash flow even more with my DK since I dumped his engineering and powerleveled JC to make him a miner/JC. Also on that note, on my server i noticed that JC leveling materials are through the roof due to people switching to the profession, so theres some money to be made there atm

  10. Thanks for the great tips everyone. I'm off for some boating and fishing, time to work on my RL fishing skill lol.

  11. Current market I'm using like most people is the glyph market but here's how I'm using auctioneer to beat out 90% of my competition.

    I run a normal auction scan and go to the search tab > general > glyphs

    I sort the fields by name so i can see exactly how many of what glyphs are on the auction house.

    I grab a piece of paper and get to work, I look for glyphs that are highly marked up and make 3 of those and put them up at -5% of their price. these are almost instant sells every time.

    next glyphs i look for are anything with less that 5 glyphs posted and fill the market up to 6 glyphs and at a slightly discounted price, these usually sell within 2-8 hours.

    Then i look at the book of glyph mastery glyphs and see if it is plausible to make a profit. sometimes the market is down to 30g a glyph, i don't even bother posting them that low, those are usually desperation glyphs and the market comes back within a few days back to the 50g range (70g if I'm lucky).

    By keeping the market stocked up on ALL glyphs you will get guaranteed sells.

  12. I'm another Glyph-monger, but I have a few niche markets that I'm running on the side.

    [Tome of Polymorph: Turtle] has been an excellent source of income.
    Many people don't seem to realize that these are more readily available on the AH than they once were (Due to achievement junkies and people looking for the ZG tiger mount), much less where to find them in the AH categories.

    I'm able to buy them off the AH for a couple hundred gold, and flip them via /Trade Chat for as much as 650 to 700g.

    My usual selling line in /Trade is "WTS [Tome of Polymorph: Turtle]. Guaranteed not to turn your enemy into a Mutant Ninja Teenager. Asking 700g OBO."

    If nothing else, it generates a laugh or two and draws more attention to my sale.
    People will scroll back up to see where the discussion originated if they glossed over the initial message.

    Also, I'm flipping Netherweave Bags for double the cost of raw materials. It takes a bit of time to craft them, but it's guaranteed gold. My Inscriptor is also a Tailor, so there's less alting over involved in the process as well.
    I post up to 10 at a time, and they're sold well-before their 24-hour expiration window.

    Due to varied factors such as Titanium Ore's increase in demand, the Mammoth Mining Bags are selling well too.
    I usually stock up on cheap Borean Leather during the weekend "sales" and sell the bags during the week. I'm making about 40g profit per bag.
    I've found weekends are a poor time to post these, as I have to undercut on an item that sells very well without competition during the week.

    As for my Glyph-mongering...I'm about to migrate my Glyph business to a dedicated toon. Bag space has become a problem. Selling so many non-glyph items (various profession-crafted items I make on my other toons, as well as using Auctioneer's Snatch list and other Search tools to find flippable items) on my primary bank toon interferes greatly with time efficiency.

    My plan is to create a second bank alt that is dedicated to glyphs only.
    I'll use my primary bank toon to increase pressure on other sellers of the more popular glyphs (like Death Knight minor glyphs) by increasing the number of undercuts and my own marketshare.
    I'll also post Glyph auctions from my main bank toon for a longer duration than my dedicated Glyph toon. I suspect this will help to keep prices a bit higher, as well as stagger my auction ending patterns.

    I use BeanCounter to analyze which glyphs to create mass quantities of, and which ones don't sell well even at a vast undercut.
    It's time-consuming, but profitable since I'm not sitting on huge stacks of glyphs that are unpopular.

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