Summer's Out - Supplies Drying Up

Summer's here and so are the kiddies, which means many more consumers will be hitting the auction house. Expect to see prices increase and stockpiles dwindle, especially in the area of item enhancements. My server has already seen infinite dusts skyrocket to 10 gold a piece (previous 3 gold) as well as dream shards steadily increasing. Low level starter materials for professions are also surging thanks to both the influx of new players/alts and the engineering nerf.

Flasks I predict will stay almost the same, assuming that most people who give up wow during the school year aren't hard core raiders anyway. Of course, all things in the economy are connected so if herbs go up eventually the flasks will as well.

I believe that PvP enhancements are going to see widespread drops in supply and huge increases in demand.

Here are the items I predict will skyrocket in price for the next 1.5 months:

Eternal Belt Buckle
Infinite Dust
Dream Shard
Bold Scarlet Ruby
Runed Scarlet Ruby
Smooth Autumn's Glow
Saronite Bar
Leg Enchants
Relic of Ulduar

Care to add to the list? Drop a comment!

NOTE: With the spike in infinite dust, the materials used by savy disenchanters to craft items have also spiked, including:

Eternal Earth, Eternal Shadow, borean leather, cobalt bars, and crystallized water.

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  1. Bold crimson ruby=bold scarlet ruby?


  2. Why not considering the Infine Dust price as:
    (Green gem + crystallized earth)?

  3. Ah, I just thought the sudden lack of "reasonably priced" Adder's Tongue was cyclical(albeit not weekly). I didn't realize school was out. Guess I'll have to adjust my Snatch Searcher. Doh.

  4. Actually I think the lack of Adder's Tongue is a result of the Darkmoon Faire opening up today and people burning through herbs while making cards. Every northrend herb on my server is cleared out.

    Also: What are the patterns disenchanters are using borean leather and cobalt bars for? Are there similar patterns for frostweave?

  5. Really not seeing much action on the AH right now; I track ID pretty often (several times a day). It's now at 4g each down from 5 or 6g each, seems to be falling every day. The enchants are not moving either. My guess is that the economy will suffer marked deflation until a major update.

    Relics are still expensive though. For me, i'm no longer doing much speculative buying since prices and demand are plunging.

  6. My main market is Runed Scarlet Rubies. I commonly move them for ~85g. Over Memorial Day, they dropped as low as 65g. This week, I'm listing them 105g. I'm still making about the same margin, though, as Scarlet Rubies have seen just as big an upturn.

  7. This may sound funny but I have been making pretty good gold from the Ritual's of The new moon

    I advertise like this.
    All you Twilight fans come get your wolf from the sequel New Moon Only $$$.
    So far I am averaging around 150 to 200 gold each.

    So far the red wolf is the most bought with white being second.

    Glyph's for me have just bottomed out right now so i have been making cards and the rituals.

  8. I'm stocking up on Abyss Crystals whenever I see them below 80g (they rise to 100g plus cyclicly anyhow so won't lose out just take longer to shift), dream shards if below 15g (again rise up to 19g some days), and ALL cheap North herbs I can find - any stacks of 20 under 15g per stack - adder's, tiger lily, deadnettle and fire leaf tend to be the ones that get posted for this...For two main reasons a) if prices rocket I will sell them on for a quick buck b) even if I get left with a huge stock, its just a few weeks/months of supplies for my glyph business...

    For the same reason I am buying ink of the sea if under 2.5g per unit as it costs me over 3g to make (albeit offset by snowfall ink sales) and if herbs go up in price, so will ink, so will glyphs...

  9. @Frizzl
    I make Arctic Boots. 8 borean leather at .5g each = 4g. On Deathwing I get about 6.5g of mats from that.

    As for cobalt bars, there are any number of recipes that cost 4 bars per each. Cobalt Shoulders are an example. They should yield the same profit as the Arctic Boots

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