Trickle Up Wow Economics - Titanium Ore

So titanium ore is becoming an incredibly sought out commodity... all based on speculation for a patch possibly months away!

This will and is already having an effect on the prices of anything built using titanium bars. Titansteel, Titanium Weapon Chain, Enchant Cloak Titanweave, and Titanium Rod will all see huge price spikes once playeres start crafting them with the new titanium prices in mind. If you managed to have a small stockpile of any of these items (lucky!) then you will be able to price gouge and make huge profits.

Let's say I take my ten Titanium Weapon Chains and in one week notice the price has gone up by 10 gold. I can raise my price by 5 gold and be the lowest seller and beat out all the competition for a huge profit, whereas my competetitors would be losing money selling at my price.

I like to call this trickle up wow economics, eventhough it has very little to do with the real world version.

Once you notice the price rising on any of these titanium commodities, go farm some titanium ore and spend some time crafting for huge profits.

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  1. Interestingly, there's still been no movement on Titanium Ore on my server/faction; it's still at the steady 6-7g/ore that it's been for the month leading up to the announcement.

    I'm guessing it's due mostly to the low population (low pop server, and I'm on the faction that is outnumbered a good 4:1).

    Still, I've picked up a few stacks and am holding them to see what happens. I figure at worst I'll lose a small amount on them, but overall I doubt they'll fall in value much. If only I was on a server where they actually did go up in price. LOL

  2. Titanium ore on my server went for as low as 40g a stack in know cause i bought some at that price. Silly me didnt think about hoarding it and with the announcement, titanium ore has shot up to 200-300g a stack. and titanium bars are at 10g each. But surprisingly most everthing using titanium has stayed the same price.

  3. The good thing about being JC is you'll have the option to resell the ore or prospect it. You can get a feel for which will be more profitable and go that route.

  4. @Mike True. That's one reason I'm dusting off my long neglected JC alt. Have had most of the mats to take him to 400+ skill but just haven't taken the time to sit down and do it while I had an active RAF account.

  5. Hey Markco, I made over 2k this weekend on some great finds, all possibly affected by the speculation of titanium ore.

    For one, a lot people are leveling JC, and there are certain "choke points" that can yield big profits. That's why I google'd "jewelcrafting leveling guide" and saw that most guide recommend the same things. What did I take from this? Well, players need a lot of gems especially those found from thorium. If thorium ore drops below 25g, I snatch every stack I can. Prospecting Huge Emeralds, Azerothian Diamonds and Large Opals have been getting me 15-20g a pop, while Blue Sapphires and Star Ruby 5-7g, easily tripling my money.

    Another, if Fel Iron Ore or Adamanttite ore drop below 25g, I snatch as well. They prospect into green gems and players will need 30-50 total to get through a dry patch in JC. Prospecting these ores will net you green gems that I have been selling for 7-10g a pop, usually doubling my money.

    I had a small supply of Titanium Bars (30) sold each for 10-12g a pop as titanium ore dried up.

    Runecloth has a huge turnover on the AH, I see stacks for 1-2g a pop and easily resell 5-10 a day for 4-5g.

    And that is how I made 2k this weekend!

  6. One obvious point that I haven't seen mentioned is JC'er should be saving their tokens for the patch to get as many gem patterns as possible. ( assuming thats how their doing it)

  7. Starting to think that spending all my money on titanium might have been a dumb idea -.-. Time to read the guide again.

  8. DUDE! Titanium ore has gone up from approx 8g per unit to close to 16-19G per unit in less than two weeks.

    I think we bloggers should stop giving great tips as we chase up prices by letting the masses know...

    Just a joke.

    Nice tip thanx for spotting that early enough for me to actually get some stock at a decent price.

  9. Ti ore is now 13g each on my server. I can't mine it fast enough! Even as a JC, I really doubt i'll be able to make enough money off the epic gems to make it worthwhile to keep the Ti around. For now I'm dumping everything I can get.

    It all depends on the epic gem drop rate. If it's say 20%, that's pretty good, but if it's 1%, then I'm not sure.

    Anyway since I just started doing the dailies I'm in no shape to acquire all the epic patterns.

  10. on my server price has jumped from 6g to 13g with the ore bars are at 18g dont know what the prices were b4 the patch. this site does help spread the news but come on i always read the patch notes and think most players do but in a patch as large as this im goona miss some stuff

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