Which Gems make the most Gold?

Twinkletoes from the JMTC forums came up with this excellent list of most used gem cuts with the help of the armourydatamine.

Here are the top 10 from his list, keep in mind that these are "top used," not necessarily "most profitable."

1. Runed Scarlet Ruby 2582.00%
2. Bold Scarlet Ruby 981.00%
3. Solid Sky Sapphire 955.00%
4. Delicate Scarlet Ruby 687.00%
5. Balanced Twilight Opal 674.00%
6. Rigid Autumn’s Glow 552.00%
7. Bright Scarlet Ruby 475.00%
8. Potent Monarch Topaz 229.00%
9. Sparkling Sky Sapphire 176.00%
10. Enduring Forest Emerald 151.00%

For the rest of the list, check here.

Within this thread you'll also find an excellent example of how to use datamining to find the most sold of any list of items.

If you were to create your own 'most popular' list in world of warcraft, what would it be?

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  1. If your working for tips then this is the list you're looking for.

    It's not exactly the list of what would be most profitable selling at the AH. Undercutting is rampant on cut gems and AH deposits are high. For instance, I don't know if Bold Scarlet Ruby is worth 3 Dragon's Eye to learn since I think it seems like such an obvious choice for JCs to pick up and barely sells above raw mats.

    Exalted rep, BoE and heroic recipe drops all have the best spreads to raw gem on my server.

  2. I did the same for my realm, analysing the data from 1800 guilds ans 22000 characters. I guess the chart for other realms would look pretty much the same.

  3. u@Anonymous
    I list over 100 cut rare gems a day and my returns are below 10%.

    I use 3 to 9 different cuts for each type of gems, some more profitable than others but all profitable. It does not matter to me which cut is the most profitable, I use all profitable cuts because I don't have 1 Scarlet Ruby in stock, I have over 200 in stock and want to sell as many as possible.

    I sell low enough for my margins to be not attractive for the casual cutter to travel to the AH, purchase a few gems, and then undercut me.

    I have my own supply chain, players who sell me at their stock for a reasonable price.

    I also purchase all the rare gems which buyout is below a set amount. All. I spend over 2,000 gold, and sometimes much more, buying uncut gems every day.

    My cut gem business makes over 10,000 gold profit a week and my stock of uncut gems is ever increasing. I expect the last trend to be slowed down or reversed and my profit to soar to 15,000 to 25,000 gold a week this Summer because of the students being out of school.


    Now to address one of your specific question. Is Bold Scarlet Ruby worth 3 Dragon's Eye to learn?

    It depends how many you sell.

    I typically sell 5 Bold Scarlet Ruby a day and have been doing it for the past 6 months. Even if you calculate my total profit using my current margin (11g - which includes returns and reposts), I have made over 10,000g profit on this cut alone.

    My trick is very simple, sell at a price low enough to convince the small-time sellers making a daily trip to the AH is not worth it.


    One problem of using my strategy is I will get stuck with a bunch of worthless rare gems when the next expansion comes out.

    I started selling rare BC gems at a loss 4 weeks before WotLK came out and I still managed to be stuck with over 1,200 rare gems when WotLK was released.

    No big deal, my cut gem business made over 250,000 gold profit in Burning Crusade.

  4. Why do the values have a percent after them? Not sure on what I'm looking at.

  5. Wow @ Anonymous 10k/week.

    That's pretty awesome. What population is your server? My faction is relatively quiet @ 6000 according to warcraftrealms.com. I've considered mass producing ala Gevlon the Goblin but have been scared off by the relatively high deposits.

    If your margins are around 10% but you spend 2000g/day on mats = 14k/week and profit 10k/week. Doesn't that make your margin around 41.6% (24 revenue - 14 cost)/24?


    I am inspired to try it out next week - need to accumulate some mats first though.

    -Anonymous Post 1

  6. i can agree with anonymous#2's post.

    i play alliance, on a very heavy populated server [literally one of the first 10 servers in WoW], with a 4:1-ish alliance:horde ratio. the market on a server this big is stupid easy gold due to sheer volume sometimes. i have seen auctioneer scans during peak times on weekends of over 50,000 AH pages. so to his point, i'll gladly make 3%, 5%, 10% - whatever% on sales. i'll just do it 5,000 times.

    anyways, i have snatch lists for all uncut blue quality gems, and i have 2 suppliers. one of them is chinese, i know it's so cliche, but he really is.......anyways, he [or they :)] must just fly laps around shalozar basin 24/7. we have set pricing to sell me ore/earths/shadows/and every gem. about every 2 days, he whispers me and i get on my JC mule. i buy stacks of every gem uncut at our set pricing and get to cutting. i make all the DE'able crap and mail that to my DE'er. i post what i need to. keeping no less than 5 of each prominent cut on the AH and on certain cuts during peak play hours, posting up to 15. again, to his point, i'm priced at a profitable price for me, but low enough to weed out small time farmers.

    i just wrote a wall of text to say that the sheer volume of sales for a JC mule like me - yes, any recipe is worth 3 dragon's eyes. 3 dragon's eyes = ~210g on my server. i can make 210g on ANY gem cut. there's people buying EVERY gem.

    the power of having all recipes is worth 3 days of JC dailies over and over again -- way more important than a 1 time shot of ~210g.

    to someone just getting into the JC industry, regardless of a mass supplier or not.

    you have to get:
    red - runed, bold, delicate, fractured
    yellow - rigid, smooth, quick
    blue - solid
    purple - sovereign, glowing, purified
    orange - depending on the flavor of the month BiS pvp mood, ANY orange cut is always selling
    green - enduring, jagged

    seriously, if you want to make gold at JC - you have to have the recipes. do your JC dailies and consider them recipe getting daily tokens, not dragon's eyes. forget about the one time ~70g hit as i you were to sell the dragon's eye.

  7. I am on a high population server. Sometimes there is a queue to get in but I have not experienced a significant wait in months expcept the week Ulduar was released.

    About margins.

    You did not consider I often spend more than 2,000g on uncut gems from the AH and that I also need to pay my regular suppliers. My stock is also increasing.

    My purchases are more in the order of 25k a week and my sales 35k. I do have more gems at the end of te week than when I started but as I explained before, it is difficult to assess their value because I will more than likely be stuck with a fair amount of worthless come next expansion.

    I could always stop purchasing gems and ore from my suppliers for a while but I am very relunctant to stop, even temporarily, a few business relationships which have started more than 4 years ago in some cases.


    Before I make any suggestions, I would like to know if you have an enchanter and how often (and when) do you check the AH.

    I check the AH 4 times a day; morning while drinking my coffee, when I arrive from work, when I log on fro the evening, and when I log off for the evening. It usually takes me 5-10 minutes to do everything I need.

  8. Oops, Daniel is anonymous number 2.

    The first Daniel is someone else.

  9. Anonymous #2 again.

    I stopped using Auctioneer for my cut gem business a few weeks after I started selling cut gems. I found it to be useless in this specific case.

    I do continue to use Auctioneer for my other businesses. These businesses were my original ventures and I fear dropping them would make my mateial suppliers look for another convenient sole buyer of all their goods.

  10. I have a pocket DK disenchanter and check the AH once in the morning, once in the evening.

    -Anonymous #1

  11. Well Markco, there is a very very good website that shows what's hot and what's not so hot each day/week.

    It's quite valuable to me atm, as it helped me prioritize my wares.
    When I post them and for how much, so that the cash flow keeps going.

    As this is mainly gathered from all the servers globally, I hope I won't mess up my own realm with this tip =P


    Learn to play with it, browse it and use it.

    Yours sincerely,


  12. I'm always open to suggestions for new datamining reports. Just leave a comment over at my site. I can't promise to do the work straight away, but I'll add all suggestions to my to-do list.
    If there's a demand for a consolidated list of the most popular gems, enchants or glyphs, that should be easy enough to produce.

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