Why Saronite Bars Will Be Valuable after Patch 3.2

That's right, Saronite, the ore that is going to drop like a rock when blue gems become worthless, will also become one of your greatest tools for making money.

Let me show you an example:

Deadly Saronite Dirk - 7 Saronite Bars, 2 Crystallized Air. Right now those mats cost around 18 gold each and the dream shards they disenchant into are worth upwards of 24 gold (it fluctuates down to 19 sometimes). What does this mean for the savy enchanter/blacksmith like myself? For my server it would mean that it's time to buy saronite bars if they drop down to 1.5 gold or less.

Since Saronite Bars vendor for 1.25 gold each, you won't see them drop much lower than 1.5 gold and they're sitting around 2 gold right now anyway.

Get your blacksmith hammer and disenchanting rod ready!

NOTE: You may want to start doing this as soon as saronite bars fall in price becuase with the release of conquest badges for heroics a lot of blues are going to get disenchanted on a more regular basis.

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  1. Buckles, People are still going to need them. I've been making them raw mats cost 20-30 gold and I sell them from 40-70g

  2. This will only work on some realms, Currently Dream shards still only sell from 10-15g on my server. Usually closer to the 10g range. But like the other guy said Buckles are a hot market i sell between 100-200 a week and a handful of each type of leg Armour.

  3. Buckles are definately for the win, maybe I should ressurrect the post I did on them a while back, especially with the new season coming out. Thanks for the excellent comments.

  4. Same on my server dream shards go for 10-15g a green weapon has more de value then a blue. Wish you could make greens with saronite.

  5. The economy on my server is really fubar. Shards go for around 12G and if i was to buy the mats for buckles it would cost me around 47G and they're selling for 50G.

  6. It mystifies me how shards can go for so much - a JC can turn an Eternal Earth and a few green quality gems into a BoE blue necklace.

  7. I thought I would come in here and say one quick thing -

    Saronite ore is going to drop tremendously in value. But, it wont mean ANYTHING to us JC'ers but bigger profit - If, and only if, you have access to a xmuter. I have a toon that will xmute for me, and when the patch hits, those blue gems that you get from saronite + an eternal (which are at bootom out prices right now on my server) = epic gem. Add to that the money you will get from d/eing the crappy items you can make from the little gems, and you get a great profit :)

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