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There are a few sites on the internet that people just associate with wow gaming. These include world of raids, curse-gaming,, wowhead and a few others. Very rarely do you come across a site and add it to your 'favorite wow places.' I took one look at wowraid and did just that.

Wow raiders have been handed an awesome resource for news and information regarding the PVE aspect of their favorite game (no I don't mean peggle). Whether you are a hardcore raider or casual pvper, you will find valuable information on this site. Take some time to look through the class loot lists to see what gear options you have in WOTLK raiding, read the mountain of mounts guide if you're an achievement hunter, or maybe you'd like to read an interview with Tom Chilton, lead developer for blizzard. If you're into pve, then this site is definately something you're going to want to bookmark.

7 comments: on "WowRaid - Lich King PVE Resource"

  1. Have you never heard of mmo-champion ??

  2. No offense, but wowraid is much better than mmo-champion (news, layout, and faster too)

  3. well put markco! i feel wowraid has alot more potential than mmo-champion. once people start using the forums a bit more, i can see it really picking up as a great site. i think you summed it up pretty well though!

  4. Thank you Markco for this great link.
    I didn't like MMO-Champ that much, no real reason, just one of those things I had a prejudice about and never changed it.

    Soon™ I'll throw in an useful comment again, quality assured ;)

  5. I'm kind of biased myself, MMO-Champion banned me from their forums for promoting this site by offerring a couple of gold tips that ended with 'see my site for more info.'

  6. Peggle is definitely the best aspect of pve...

  7. Thanks for the kind words Markco :)

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