21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #13

Between posting your auctions and picking up successful sales, try running someone through an instance and have them loot then mail you all the items they find. See how much money you make from disenchanting/looting everything.

My favorites are:

ZF (mainly for the cloth), Scarlet Monastery Cathedral, and RFC.

Disenchant everything and be sure to sell the loads of cloth you get on the auction house. A single run through RFC can net you fifty strange dust which can sell on my server for 25-30 gold. The linen isn't particularly valuable but you can craft it and disenchant to get even more strange dust. The greater magic essences are nothing to sneeze at either.

Having a Tundra Mammoth to get rid of items (or an engineer's mail box) is a huge bonus in ZF.

4 comments: on "21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #13"

  1. No no no no no.

    The opportunity cost of this is BAD. You can make better money QUESTING.

    Furthermore, suggesting that someone have an 18k mammoth to save a short trip to a vendor is inane.

  2. OMG, so what happened to my server's economy this 4th of July? It seems every chinese farmer decided to unload all their thorium ore...I spent over 2k buying thorium ore stacks for 20g all throughout the day, and I still don't think their supply is dried up.

    Crazy stuff, its a huge investment, but I hope I can turn the profit, it may just take a month or so 0.o

  3. Hey Markco, is using JC ring/neck ahing, a good way to fund dropping a profession and re leveling?

  4. rybosh, what if you're out of quests to do [loremaster]? or don't like to go kill 10 of these, go collect 4 of these and fly back to here and talk to this guy. what if running a friend's alt through ZF/SM/uldaman and spamming 4 [my arcane explosion] is mindlessly fun for you? and you're earning goodwill in your friendship.......

    and there is no short trip to a vendor from ZF or SM....

    also, with some of the gold totals of people who comment here, and post on the forums, what else am i supposed to spend the gold on i make from the M&S [to borrow from Gevlon]? i spend about an hour a night in ironforge on certain professions and i'm gold capped. i have three toons with mammoths because i'm lazy and when i'm out on them, i like a pocket repair and pocket reagants.

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