21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #16

Flood your market today. Post everything you have and watch people dump their items back at you. When they get to be pretty cheap buy them out. Repost in a few days when the dust settles. When I say 'flood your market' I do not mean undercut yourself to death. Instead, place double or more than the normal amount of items you would likely post at around 120-140% price. Supply and Demand is a mysterious but often predictive mechanism of free markets: Post double your normal amount, watch your prices get cut in half.

When the dust settles start buying up the competition. Remember that all those items you posted are not likely to sell so be ready to accept that deposit cost (if any).

6 comments: on "21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #16"

  1. That's a good one. Might try it some day.

  2. So either people counter by mass-posting their stuff at you for much cheaper, leaving them open for buyout, or people may actually buy your stuff at the inflated price.


  3. I accidentally did this with books of Glyph Mastery. The price had fallen do the about 40g at one point and I bought load of them for my own glyph maker and just to have on hand. recently the supply was dtying up i suppose and prices evened out.before i could post mine someone must have been powerleveling caus all of a sudden ALL the books were gone, So I posted mine REALLY high. and began to watch them crawl out of the wood work to post prices are still falling so I am waiting for it to bottom out. and get cheal books for my Inscriptionist.

  4. Im on a buying spree this weekend so I'm going to try something like this.

    I'm restocking my herbs for inscription and just buying like mad. What I am doing now that I read this is to post 150 individual herbs at inflated cost.

  5. Doing this with citrine, jade, and other low level gems at the moment.

  6. This is a good tip! I did this with some rare pets i;m trying to sell put the pet up for 1k gold and then some noob put his up for 999g, i took mine out & put it back up for 650g can't wait untill it sells lol

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