21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #19

Ask another auctioneer what they sell to make gold. Be sure to share your own tip as well, so as to make it a profitable discussion for both.

This tip sounds stupid at first, but it's surprising the kind of useful information you can get from someone else that you'll never think of on your own. Be kind and share something back.

The forums are a great place to do this anonymously.

2 comments: on "21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #19"

  1. Better yet, use the general search function in Auctioneer and search for all the auctions they have posted.

    Don't have to give up your tips and you can get a true overview of everything they're selling.

  2. I did this recently and discovered through another auctioneer what profit there was to be made in low level gems. Jade/Citrine/Aquamarine.

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