The 4th of July

I didn't get onto wow once this past 4th of July weekend, however, I bet that I can tell you exactly what the market looked like.

Perhaps a picture will be more powerful than my own words:

Weekends are normally violent in terms of price fluctuations, but JULY 4TH is possibly the most violent in terms of how low the prices can get. This weekend was probably your best buying oppurtunity for the upcoming patch. If you saw titanium ore at crazy low prices I hope that you bought them out if nothing more than to resell them in the upcoming weeks.

I want to apologize for sharing this information *cough* a little late *cough* but I had no internet access the whole weekend and thus no way to get the word out. I'm sure that the few of you that did take advantage of the prices this weekend are somewhat greatful that I didn't get the word out.

On the plus side for some servers there may still be great prices to be had. Remember that prices will eventually climb back to pre-4th of July numbers so be on the look out for uninformed auctioneers continuing to sell their goods based on this weekend's numbers.

Expect prices to be near normal by next wednessday.

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  1. Well 4th of july means nothing in europe... so the prices were the same as always here

  2. Well at our server did the price get up on 10% :S

  3. You hit the nail on the head as far as my server was concerned. First time in quite a while it was more profitable to sell ore and bars than it was to sell ammo.

    The announcements regarding ammunition costs in the next patch seem to have also had something to do with the price fluctuation in that market, but when I got online yesterday the prices were a little more "normal."

  4. Certain items such as belts and other armor enchancing items should have gone up a little in price. Other commodities such as enchanting and mining mats should of gone way down.

  5. Yeah, all the raw mats were cheaper than they usually are, but ammo was significantly depressed even below the cost of the materials.

    Overall, definitely a buyers' market this past weekend. Great time to stock up.

  6. Our server has been showing a rise in mat costs after a week or so of bottoming out of prices.

  7. Just curious, why is it that July 4th is so pivotal for low prices? Did i miss something compared to other weekends?

  8. I took advantage of a previous tip on dropping market prices by flooding...I flooded a few hundred diamonds prospected from thorium (I had to buy about half of them @ their already low price of 10g a pc), pulled them as soon as I got undercut (I didn't want to lose money on these sales if anybody decided the price was too good to pass up), and watched the market drop fast within a couple hours. By the end of the weekend, the prices were down to 30-40% normal...I bought up everything underpriced by 50% or more and tossed them in the bank to resell.

    I suspect about 2000g profit from this in a short amount of time, as when the supply is normal, they go quickly.

    I also bought up 8 stacks of titanium ore @ close to their pre-3.2 prospecting announcement price.

    A great weekend to try a couple new things and happen across some amazing deals :)

  9. I also found the 4th a great buying time for belt buckle mats and bag supplies. Mats for both of these items were far below the normal and the opportunity to be greedy and buy everything just could not be past up.

  10. This weekend caught me by surprise, since I'm new to making gold, I wasn't around last 4th to know what to expect.

    I still thought it was a fluke that thorium ore was 16g a stack. I bought probably 200(!) stacks and have them sitting on a bank alt as I slowly wait for the price of ore, bar and gems to return.

    I always feel queasy after making a large investment, but I haven't been let down yet.

  11. I would like to know why the 4th of july weekend causes prices to fall. Means nothing in Australia, and prices were normal. Is it because more people are out farming mats on their days off? or because everyone is busy with family and doesn't do any buying?

  12. It's a holiday weekend in the US. Many people had Friday off as well. The real holiday name is Independence Day, but most people just call it the 4th of July.

  13. My server's economy didn't go down. Nothing sold, but the prices were high all day. At least for ore, herbs, leather, and enchanting mats.

  14. Dalaran server - complete dump in prices over the weekend. picked up a 20-stack of void crystals for 70g (typically 230g on my server). Shards dropped dramatically as well. I can't give meat away right now. I will no longer buy this product (ie. chilled meat, fish, etc.). I plan on continuing to buy up shards for enchanting at these low prices. I've never seen such a flood of enchanting mats on the market.

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