Gevlon came up with an interesting idea for helping out players who are struggling with the auction house: become his apprentice. I've received a few emails and even a comment on this site asking if I would do this on US servers.

I have two answers to this question, one will make you go "awwww :(" and the other will make you go "oooooo :D".

So here's answer #1: I don't have the time to take someone under my wing and truly tutor them (probably 2-4 hours of work). Every time I log onto wow I get an insane number of whispers regarding prot pvp, the gold guide, youtube videos, and this blog. I actually avoid getting on Markco unless it's essential (pvp or the occasional raid), because I do take the time to answer everyone's questions which can be quite time consuming. Whenever possible I redirect people to my forums, because many many questions have been answered there by the readers of this blog. In conclusion I just don't have the time to do what gevlon does.

Ok, I know you're all depressed so here comes answer #2: I will be running another gold guide contest! I haven't ironed out the details but I'm going to make one winner this time and allow voters to vote on ALL the entries; with one vote per person on the JMTC forums. I don't think it's going to be video format again, or even the same topic (all gold making tips), so give me some time to iron out all the gritty details.

For the comments: What kind of contest would you like to see? Another tips focused one? Perhaps something different like a wallpaper for justmytwocopper or an ingame screenshot? Be creative, all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Right, so the contest is get a screeny??

  2. Actually it's not that much time as it seems. First 1-2 hours, than half an hour every second day.


  4. I don't think it will take too much time to teach someone how to make enough gold efficiently. The reason is because the person you are going to be talking to is already in a mind set of "i want to learn from you, I will do anything you tell me to do and try to make it even better"

    It's not going to be a begging process of trying to tell them to please try something or the other.

    In the interview you had recently you spend a long time telling them how to earn money with different methods. And these guys were not even there for that, it was an interview about your web site - the "real markco" - your PvP status - etc.

    In other words, if you could teach them, in a interview that wasn't about making gold, how to make gold with minimum effort and time; then I think you can take even less time and accomplish way more with someone who is actually ready to learn from you.

    Remember this, you are going to be talking to someone who WANTS to learn from you badly! no just an idiot who prefer to farm elementals all day.


  5. I wish I could spare 1-2 hours, but I don't have the time. I literally spend 4-5 hours after working 9-5 each day on the blog and multiple websites associated with it.

    Let's keep this on topic and post some ideas for the next contest :D

  6. That interview was all about making gold.

  7. well the mmo champ forums have been filled with photoshoppers doing sigs and such and it has become quite popular, maybe a contest for the best wallpaper or banner, and such. i think that would be cool.

  8. Hey Markco, this is the anonymous who asked what you think about the apprenticeship, and i wanted to thank you for the prompt speed of answering the question.

    And pertaining to your new gold contest. You have a contest to see who can make the gold utilizing 22 Steps to the Auction House, and everyone who applies has to email you a with a screen shot via photobucket, tinypic, etc etc..

  9. Personally I think another gold tips competition would be great.

    How about with a twist such as give everyone an even starting ground, like creating a death knight on a new server and seeing how much gold they can make before they hit level 60.

  10. They say that a good deed never goes unpunished. The apprenticeship wouldn't work for me. I've tried helping a couple of people by giving them tips on how to make money after they whispered me for some gold and then I couldn't get rid of them for months. They kept begging for freebies, dungeon runs, gear and stuff. It's just not worth the hassle.

  11. Gevlon, really? that guy is tool.

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