Auction House Talent Points

I came up with this idea as a joke, and it is kind of funny but can you imagine how fun it would be to have a character class known as 'bank alt' with the following conditions:

It can be any race/sex and is considered a hero class with no requirements.
Bank alts require focus to use abilities, and this focus is generated 50 per hour with a cap of 100.
Bank alts are the same level as your highest level character.

Talent Points

What do you think? I tried to add a little humor to the talents here and there :)

10 comments: on "Auction House Talent Points"

  1. burning the beggars DEFINATELY NEEDS TO BE ADDED. amazing stuff your a legend!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. That is an excellent idea :) That should go live NOW!!!

  4. ++ To exploding beggars and entrapping people.

    The tree seems focused on people who snipe auction though, I'd like to see one more focused on people who post massive amounts of glyphs, gems, and enchants (myself) and who hoover up raw mats anytime they dip below market value.

    Anyways, it was hilarious, job well done, and must've taken quite a bit of work, because it took me 5 minutes just to come up with a decent build for myself. ;)

  5. I would roll one immediately! Love the idea! Don't forget the talent "X-road Crossing", instantly silence all nearby trains while in AH.

  6. Somewhere around the 3rd Tier, you need a talent called Back Gamon. What this does is punts the targetted Auctioneer, so others using them get disrupted, similar to your April Fools vid!

  7. lol i cant believe you put "master baiter" as a talent

  8. Funniest post ever.

  9. This was really fun :)

  10. And the bank alt class should be limited to character level 1. Instead, you could gain AH levels for talent points.

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