Avast Ye Admiral

I was perusing the JMTC forums and came across an interesting post about selling admiral's hats. The recipe is sold by cowardly crosby on the beaches of STV, with a very slow restock timer.

I'd been selling the recipe itself for a very long time but never even thought to craft the hats themselves. /Bonk !

Apparently they sell amazingly well (as much as 50 gold) but there is a catch. The item icon doesn't even look like a hat so you are better off selling in trade or by standing in sight of other players and waiting for them to whisper you "hey where did you get that hat."

The hardest component to find are long elegant feathers, but thankfully there was a gold guide contest entry not too long ago that explained a great way to find them. Of course if you don't have the time to go farm these feathers then you will want to just snatch them off the auction house whenever they are cheap (and that's pretty frequently the case).

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  1. Just goes to show that when you loot anything that's not junk you should always check the AH.

    I recently picked a bunch of long elegant feathers from (IIRC) gryphons in Hinterlands and hippogryphs in Azshara. I had no idea what they were used for, but I checked what Auctioneer said. Apparently there were actually worth something.

    There were none for sale at the AH so I priced what I had about 20% over the market price and made some nice cash from a completely unexpected source.

  2. Hey Markco, was it just my server or was every Chinese farmer dumping their thorium ore this holiday weekend!

    The price is down to 16g a stack, and thats after I bought 150 stacks at 20g! Is the sky falling? There are really just 3 sellers all undercutting each other with huge quantities...

    I can only hope it wont take to long to rebound from my 3k investment!

  3. It's definately going to rebound, hopefully by next wednessday/thursday

  4. This doesn't have much to do with making gold but is he actually clicking the icon for mutilate to attack?

  5. Thank you so much for the advice!

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