Essence of Undeath Video

Thanks to ZalyksVidz for this video regarding a farming post on JMTC. It was a while back but it had to do with farming essences of undeath, mojo's, and tons of runecloth. I never made a video regarding these mobs so thanks again for your efforts!

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  1. undeath AND Runecloth? Today is a good day.

  2. Did anyone else lol at the clicking?

    Anyways, decent video, might try this spot sometime. Then again, its always easy to flip runecloth rather than farm it. It's pretty often on my server for stacks to be posted around 2g, which I can usually flip for 4.5 to 5g a few days later.

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  4. Suggestion, stop keyboard turning and mouse clicking and that farming will go a lot smoother, but anyways, thanks for the video.

  5. Great spot for starting on a new server. Go there with a death knight and you are all set.

  6. I would recommend bringing a miner to farm this area as there is a rich thorium vein spawn.

    I swing by this area on my mining route, but never bothered to kill these guys and now I do. I can kill the entire grave in one shot on my 80 mage.

    That said, it doesn't seem worth coming here to farm these guys because I don't know how long it takes for the graves to respawn and undeath only goes for 8-10g each and the drop rate isn't fantastic. Better off farming strat imo.

    Also keep an eye on the rare mob spawn in this area.

    Lastly, I can make a profit crafting runecloth even at 5g a stack. Soul Pouches sell pretty decently.

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