Farming with Players Doing Their Dailies

Here's a nice tip for those of you that do the Hodir dailies. My only additional thought I had regarding this method is that it would be unwise to just grab the ore as soon as a mob dies. Be sure to wait and make sure that the person who killed the mob is not also a miner.

Hello this is Lògosh of Mug’ thol again I found a wonderful spot to make gold Frostfield Lake yes this sounds odd but this is mostly for miners.

You must farm brittle revenants. Not in the normal way but mining there corpses for the Geodesic Fragments and ultimately Crystallized earth Notice all the people killing the brittle revenants for there dailies most just leaving the corpse behind to be mined so miners can keep mining them for crystallized earth and Geodesic Fragments

Geodesic Fragments sell 4g 50s per stack and eternal earth prices varies server to server but this is so easy corpses everywhere and no miner usually bothers mining the Brittle Revenants. Thanks to Metamaster for this original Idea.

You could kill them too they do drop Relics of Ulduar aswell.

This is a better spot than those Zuldrak sentinels when you do not have Wintergrasp for killing as I got crystallized earth a lot faster.

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  1. Good call. I used to get frustrated at the amount of grey vendor trash I was getting by mining those guys...until, of course, the vendor paid me for that trash.

    Not a ton of money, but it's easy money.

  2. Oh yeah, that lake. I mined so many of those elementals while doing the Hodir dailies that my fingers were hurting.

  3. I mine my brittle revenants.

    I also mine OTHER PEOPLE'S brittle revenants.

    Maybe I'm out of the norm with that, though.

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