Flask Prices - 3.2 on the Horizon

Usually when a patch is coming players will attempt to get rid of their goods for fear that they will be made worthless after the patch arrives. If you're currently dumping flasks you're making a big mistake. For one, no new flasks have been mentioned besides flask of the north, which will only effect alchemists in the arena and not pve raiding.

Currently, guilds are trying to make last ditched efforts at algalon and various hardmodes throughout ulduar. Time is tight so maximizing performance during the raid is key and thus raid leaders are cracking down on getting players to bring flasks to the raids.

If you're an alchemist then I highly recommend looking into the flask market not only just before 3.2 but also just after it.

I recommend selling the flasks in stacks of 1-4 since raids usually don't go for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Figure out how many can sell in a single raid night and avoid selling more than that to reduce the amount of flasks that come back in the mail as well as help to drive prices down with extra supply.

How are flasks doing on your servers during raid nights currently? Notice a slight increase?

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  1. I try to run a small flask business on my server, and I'm seeing prices go down in general.

    Flasks usually sold for around 29 - 30 gold a couple of weeks a go. This week the prices have been around 26 - 27 gold. So I am seeing a 10% decrease in price. I'm also seeing a decrease in the price of Frost Lotus, but the more common herbs seem to be maintaining their price.

  2. Flasks are selling a lot better on my server currently, but at market prices - not that I'm complaining as I make a nice profit. I sold 20 flasks of endless rage last night, for example.

    I plan on buying some hopefully cheap mats this weekend in preparation for the probable patch next week.

  3. Demand is only half the equation- supply is the other factor. On my server, I've been making a consistent 10% selling at 17g-19g, but there's over 30 full time alchemists I compete with.I've seen my volume increase lately, but my price decrease.

    Low margins like this are worth it because it's all AFK work (aside from buying herbs and listing auctions), but I don't spend much time worrying about it. It's much more profitable to work on my other money printing businesses.

  4. Frost Lotus is falling and I am buying em up.

  5. Lotus supply dwindling in AH.
    Flask supply in AH is the same.
    Biggest guild on my server/side just left.
    I suspect very little change for me unless my competition left.

  6. I don't know about flasks, but the cost of all enchanting mats is totally tanking on my server - infinite dust being down to 3g and cosmics down to 9g, for example.

    Given there is 4 different raid tiers coming out next patch, I think most of the playerbase is going to have access to new gear pretty quickly.

    Therefor, I'm sitting on around 1500 dust in hopes the price starts to climb back up.


  7. Not a bad idea although an alternative view is that raiders will be facerolling through heroics for their last few upgrades from EoCs.

    I suppose the cutting edge ones won't be though.

  8. I think you can't look at the flask market without looking at the herb market; selling flasks for 24g when a frost lotus is 45g is a bad business; your alchemy looses you value, sell the herbs. Selling a flask for 22g when frost lotus is 25g is a very good business. Just knowing that your flasks sell doesn't
    tell you whether it is a good business.

    I think that min/max progrssion guilds will have to run some heroics initially, at least the daily.
    1) they will need 10+ epic gems, plus more as the new gear arrives
    2) The BoT from the daily heroic will allow you to buy Crusader Orbs that are used to make the level 245 crafted epics; your epeen would shrivel if you used some crappy level 239 from HardMode Ulduar.

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