Gold Guide Update (7/23/09)

20kleveling is a pretty ambitious and groundbreaking guide when you think about it: attempting to teach gamers how to play economics and how to think in order to procure large stockpiles of in game gold. I could just say go farm here or go do this, but then within a week they'd need more assistance. The success of the guide so far is tied to the fact that it leaves room for you to grow and become a better auctioneer without chaining you to too many specific strategies. The beauty of this strategy is that two guide holders on the same server can come up with completely different ways to become filthy rich without stepping on each others' auctioneering toes.

I'd like to give a heads up for gold guide holders and anyone who is considering buying it, I am currently working on the next Bonus Chapter for the guide: "Case Studies." I expect to get several of these done each week, so stay on the lookout for some nice updates to the guide which will focus on valuable items of all levels that you might not realize the value of. Each case study will include a video ranging from 2-6 minutes long as well as a conclusion paragraph in case you don't feel like listening to the videos.

I am also leveling an enh shaman who will hopefully break 4k gold on his own tomorrow (if my auctions sell). He is following the gold guide and using a banking alt on his server to help make the gold. His level? He's 38, and he's not using a single profession (he'd have more gold but be leveling much slower). I'm hoping to take what I learn from running another character using the guide to create several additional case studies.

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5 comments: on "Gold Guide Update (7/23/09)"

  1. awesome, i cant wait to read it :)

  2. After this post I removed JMTC from my RSS client. I'm pretty sure many will follow my example

  3. @Anonymous
    Marcko has always had his goldmaking guide for sale. It's likely that many of the people who owns it reads his blog.
    And while it's obviously an ad for his guide there are already ads on his site and Marcko is certainly entitled to profit from his own blog.
    How many ads do you watch without throwing your tv or computer out the window?

  4. Ignore the annon troll.

  5. Loving the new section so far. Lots of little things I never noticed before.

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