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Thanks Sean and Patrick for having me on their podcast and to introducing me to the podcasting world... of warcraft.

Here's a link to their site, check there for the interview on making gold, playing with 0 resilience, and much more :)

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EDIT: Howiwow is down because of either too many people trying to access their site or they are having issues with something else. Please be patient and be sure to let them know what you thought of the show afterwards. Be sure to keep listening when the initial show ends because they go into their thoughts and how they fared afterwards. Also, you should be able to click the little arrow to make the podcast play even with the page the way it is now.

Funny side note but I will be going to blizzcon which is hillarious because a month ago when this was taped I was totally against it.

7 comments: on "How I Wow - Podcast"

  1. Markco, just listened to your interview... DAMN good show.

    Never heard of How I Wow before but those guys were good.

    They spelled your name wrong though.

  2. Question: "I wouldn't go to Blizzcon" Aren't you going?

  3. im having trouble going to that link. says its a capacity issue. you must be sending too many people their way today to handle it right now.

  4. John Q you're probably right and Breethin I totaly was against it until I got the ticket for free. LOL.

    Thanks SamIAm and I'm not sweating the name, people mess that up constantly, even me!

  5. Very nice show, as good a show that HowIWoW is, only a handful of their interviews stand out among the 20 episodes they've done, not because of Shawn and Patrick but because of the guests.

    This is one of those good episodes that stand out.

    ( Btw, I found out about this site through HowIWoW ;D )

  6. link still isn't working for me. hope they fix it soon.

  7. Isnt working for me either, cant download it through itunes either =(

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