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The addon Routes is a great way to create your own map for flying around like mad and collecting some ores. The best part is that you can import the entire wowhead database to assist in your mining/herbing/clouding/fishing/etc needs. Here's an excellent write up of how to use routes by Sekirei.

Hellos. For those who are wondering what Routes and Gathermate are or how to set them up here is a short guide.

1. Download and install the two addons(duh) and make sure to get the gathermate_data file as well.

2. In game do /gathermate and use the import database option choosing the type of resource you'd like to import: Herbs, Clouds, Mining nodes, Fishing pools etc.

3. After import is done and you can see a shitload of dots on the map do /routes.

4. Chose the option "Add", select the zone you'd like to create a route for, put a name there and hit OK.

5. Chose the type of resource you want to make the route for and hit Create route.

6. Your map should be full of crazy lines at this moment. Select the zone you created the route for and then select the actual route. Go to optimize and hit cluster and then Foreground.

7. If you did this right a nice continuous line should appear on the map.

All thats left to do now is mount up and go gather and laugh in the face of the other lesser farmers >:).

I know this is a big wall of text and I thank you for reading and hope this will help your gathering future :).

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  1. there is also an option that should be checked to make the route even better (I dont remember the option's name.) Basically it will delete or add more dots to your map as you go depending on how efficient they are in term of location.

    For example if you have a route that takes you to the very east of the map to check for one node and it's there, as soon as you pick it it will be deleted from your route since it too out of the way to make it worth it.

    Hope this helps

  2. Well, my mining is around 350 so this should help out alot.

  3. good resource, definitely going to pick this up later today. Besides Titanium, what does everyone think might happen to cobalt and saronite ore/bars?

  4. The extra optimization feature is there to get a tiny bit better computing of the route.
    Its not game breaking but it is sometimes useful.

    The other thing for more experienced users is the Taboo option.
    Using that you will be able to create zones that will be cut out of the "big picture" and ignored when doing the route computing.

    Select Taboo in Routes menu.
    Chose the zone you want to create a Taboo for, put in a name and hit ok.
    Check the Taboo tab again and select the name u created.
    Hit Edit Taboo. The map should popup with a triangle.
    Move the yellow dots so the triangle is above the zone you want to ignore.
    If you want to change the shape use the smaller dots in the middle of the edges of the triangles. They will become big dots and you will be able to move them as well so you get the desired shape.

    Now when this is all done use the save edit or save taboo something option.

    In the routes section go to the zone you have a route for and crated the taboo.
    Select the Route and you should see a smaller tab with taboos. Check the name of the Taboo Regions you want to have applied to that route.
    You might have to recalculate the route but its well worth it. :)
    Take care and enjoy.

    For more info PM me on the forums. Name is Imortel.

  5. Also add the "TomTom" addon (from There are TomTom options in Routes. Basically it will draw an arrow in the middle of the screen to the next gatherable in your route. That way you don't have to keep looking at the minimap.

    You can even define keybindings to bring up the arrow and remove it again.


    Sample route

  7. 've been using the gathermate/routes combo off and on since the day you posted that tip and always noticed that I found tons of herbs and mining nodes, but never took the time to actually see exactly how well I did... so tonight, being bored out of my mind, I did just that.

    In 60 minutes (I used the in-game stopwatch to keep an eye on my time) here's my results:

    Adder's Tongue x 199 (9 stacks + 19 extra) - 25g/stack

    Goldclover x 89 (4 stacks + 9 extra) - 20g/stack

    Tiger Lily x 88 (4 stacks + 8 extra) - Not sure on current price - AH was anywhere from 10g - 35g/stack...

    Deadnettle x 62 (3 stacks + 2 extra) - 20g/stack

    Frost Lotus x 6 - 33g to 55g each

    Eternal Life x 7 (plus 1
    crystallized life) - approx 30g per eternal, 2g 40s per crystallized.

    Now, my numbers could be a bit off, but based on current prices on my realm's AH... that's around 855 (low end) to 1.1k gold... for 1 hour worth of farming!!

    I have a 280% speed mount (310% once halloween comes - woot!), which helps some - but no pally or DK speed buff. Was also slowed down by a few mobs that got in my way, as well as a rogue who tried to gank me (he lost) and a pair of 77 and 78 druids who tried the same (they also lost the fight... twice).

    Anyway, wanted to post for the skeptics out there - this routes/gathermate combo does, in fact, work quite well. Before installing these addons I would fly around aimlessly, hoping to run across an herb or mining node - now there's a nice easy path to follow. I've also talked a few friends through the process of how to set these addons up, and EVERY time they're amazed how fast it proves itself to be useful.

    The numbers speak for themselves - let your readers decide whether it's worth the time or not to set up the addon properly :D

    Thanks a ton!

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