JMTC Going to Blizzcon

Great news everyone, I was invited to Blizzcon! My 2's partner (thunderion) and I will be going to our first Blizzcon and I honestly can't wait. It's disneyworld for nerds lol.

We're trying to work out getting T-Shirts or something made and some other fun stuff. What questions do you have that you would like us to ask the developers at blizzcon? Maybe I could compile the questions and bring them with me.

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14 comments: on "JMTC Going to Blizzcon"

  1. Gz.


  2. See you in August!

  3. Invited? By who, Blizzard? Are they making you pay to go there?

  4. "Disneyland for nerds" hahaha that was epic! hehehe

    How did u get invited? Anyways, there are so many questions ppl want to ask, but I would like to know if they are working on new classes, hero classes or new races, and if they are, what can we expect!

    Thx wow money god!

    c ya

  5. See you there hopefully.

  6. @outdps - no it's free with some
    spending money.

    @Shawn - Defineately. Oh hey how did you make out with the gold guide? Did the podcast turn out ok?

  7. @mentat - We'll most likely have shirts on that say Justmytwocopper or something. See you there :D

  8. I just noticed that the coins surrounding Arthas in your pic look a little like loonies but it's a little fuzzy and hard to make out. Are They in fact loonies? If so happy-belated-Canada day!

  9. Please demand more and better BoE/Non-binding hats for level one bankers. I recommend the following.

    Inscription - Triangle paper hat
    LW - Davie Crocket coonskin hat
    BS - Ornate helm
    Engineering - A nize hat
    JC - More glasses
    Tailoring - Turban ala Jonny Carson

    Anything else would be a slap in the face, time to quit, yadda yadda.

    Oh, an uncut gem tab in the AH would be nice too.

  10. Congratulations! I just found out that I can't go because a friend is getting married that weekend. =(

  11. I second Spark's comment, I would love for more unique level 1 dress-up items to be available in the game.

    Maybe a business suit with pink shirt and deep purple tie :p

  12. A ballpark figure of the Diablo 3 release date would be nice.

    Do you think you could ask them if D3 and WoW will have separate subscriptions? I hope they combine both games into one $15 fee.

  13. Can you ask, for some more info on Cataclysm coming out?

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