Making Gold Syndrome - Addicting?

From the JMTC forums, Ceffo writes:

"Ive got over 120k now in gold but i still got that feeling its not enough. (already bought the mounts/pets/chopper etc). Yet everytime i look at the bank roll i think hmmm.. thats not much.. all my guildies think im being a smart arse.. but in all honestly it is a small amount to me imo. Anyone else have this syndrome?"

Is Ceffo right? Anyone else found that once they reach their previous goal, regardless of whether it's the gold cap or 10k, that you can't stop chasing more gold?

For me, the fun of making gold isn't making it, but coming up with new ways to make it. Hence why you get this blog with all my money making ideas, because what fun is it to just keep it to myself?

I agree that making gold can be rather addicting once you start passing your own expectations and start grasping at loftier goals. That next 1k, 10k, 200k is always right around the corner and there seems to be no end to the race of collecting gold. This is one reason why I enjoy my playstyle and how I avoid the gold collecting addiction.

For the comments, are you addicted to making gold in game? Is it a fun addiction or annoying for you?

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  1. Its a fun addiction :D

    Also, I like the challenge of learning a new market, a new way to make gold. Enchants on scrolls, Alchemy, Always something new to work out :)

  2. I like to think that all the gold I make affords me the luxury of being lazy later without impacting my ability to afford raiding consumables, materials for new enchants and stuff like resist gear that might become relevant as new content is released, and repairs when I raid or PvP. And since I'm often quite lazy, I never have too much gold...

  3. i've done everything i can do with gold, now it just pools up and i spend it on high chance gambles to try earn gold in new ways. i now give ideas to guildies and i find i am posting less and less in AH, there's no need.

  4. I do similar to what noSleep does, take bigger gambles.

  5. It's addicting for me. I enjoy the challenge and am always eager to hit the next level, as others have mentioned already. I'm always trying to make more so I have the extra cash for darkmoon cards, mounts, etc for myself and my husband's alts.

  6. I said I would stop at 50k. Then I spent that 50k on mounts, etc and said I would stop at 50k more. I am now at 81k and plan to stop at 100k LOL. I have scaled back though, only crafting higher-end items instead of selling in bulk and I don't even use auctioneer anymore. I think planning for the future keeps me going (epic mount for alts, including my wife's alts). I eventually intend to only post a couple days a week, but I know I will probably not stop until I am capped.

  7. HAVING gold isn't addicting. Making gold is a super fun game within the game.
    Heck, I don't even WANT all the fancy mounts, so I have no clue why I need as much gold as I have, but it's fun! I have just begun making a lot of 'loans' to my friends and guild. If I get repaid, whatever, but it's really a gift. What else am I going to do with it?

    The having gold in my mailbox when I log on - that part never gets old.

  8. Its funny, but "fun addiction" is actually the exact way to think of it. I started trying to make gold to earn enough money for epic flight for my main ...

    Now that I look back I laugh, I've been working at earning gold for about 2 months now and I have 2 chars with full flight etc, all bis boe gear, and about 15k in the bank. That's in addition to 1-2k earnings per day.

    I definitely enjoy this "game within a game" very much!

  9. Law of diminishing returns? All of us auctioneers enjoy making gold. Whenever we hit a new goal, we keep setting those new goals even higher, because perhaps it takes more to impress ourselves/satisfy our desire to make gold!

  10. Yes making gold is very addicting, to me the AH is more fun then most of this game and allows me to spend time doing fun things in the game then doing chores such as dailies etc etc. While i never have a huge build up of gold because while I can make it I can spend just as quickly but i think ive made somewhere around 5-9k this week and PLVL'd JC on and alt.

  11. Your all gonna think I'm crazy but I really enjoy giving gold to my friends. Not beggers of course but if somone needs something and its not really going to affect my game I'm happy to buy it for them.

    Note the word "need"!


  12. I'm violently guilty of this. I can never bring myself to spend money on vanity items any more, because I want to keep pushing my gold total up up up!

  13. I'd be surprised if this wasn't "addictive". Psychologically it has a number of parallels with real life wealth generation, which many people find even a lot is never enough.

    Its related to the "mone money makes you happier" myth.

    Not that making money both in game and RL isn't a lot of fun :-)

  14. I'm the opposite.

    If I have a goal, I will go after it, but when I reach that goal, I will become bored.

    Take epic flying, I needed some gold, so I was focused on that, I achieved more than enough, but now I don't really have a desire for something that costs lots of gold, so I really can't be bothered making more.

    I just don't see any more compelling reasons for making lots of gold other than equipping my lv 80 with everything she needs.

    I seem to be in the minority here !

  15. I'm just getting into Auctioneering but what you said reminds me of learning Sudoku.

    I never had a better time than the first couple when I had to develop the 'tools' and techniques to solve the puzzle.

  16. "That next 1k, 10k, 200k is always right around the corner and there seems to be no end to the race of collecting gold. This is one reason why...I avoid the gold collecting addiction."

    Let me get this straight - It's right around the corner so that's how you avoid the addiction? ;)

  17. why not just spend it all and start over, be a wow phillanthropist

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