Mining Saronite in Sholozar Basin

Hi Markco! This is Zakky from Az'galor and i have a saronite route that makes me rich!

[BLACK ROUTE]- My favorite route by far. I average around a stack and a half of ore PER ROUND. just follow the outer edges and watch out for your Nodes. Also, your gonna wanna check out the rivers/lakes that are close to the route because you never know where some titanium will be hiding. I usually farm at around 2 in the morning so that might make a difference but i usually get around 10-12 stacks of ore per hour. and ive gotten up to a stack of titanium ore in an hour but it fluctuates

[RED ROUTE]- Not my favorite but it still works. Dosent put out as much saronite for me but if my Black route is occupied by other farmers this is where i go. I pay special attention to all the nooks and crannies of the lakes. Around 3/4 stack of ore per round. I have only solidly farmed this for an hour once and i got 8 stacks of ore and 7 titanium ore. not bad for an alternate route but if your looking for hardcore farming go for the black route

[BLUE CIRCLED]- HOTSPOTS! If you can check around the base of these because usually they hold between 1-2 nodes PER pillar.

I use this method of Farming along with JC and i make tons of gold off cut/uncut gems!


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  1. Tordenflesk said... July 5, 2009 at 10:20 AM

    I much prefer Routes+Gathermate/Gatherer. I haven't timed my runs but one lap of my route and i have at least 5-6 stacks of Saronite. It rarely takes me more than 10 sec. to spot the next node. Usually the mindless farmers do your black route, so i get the rest of the zone to myself
    *maniacal laugh*

    Oh, and someone needs to teach these farmers who come up with these to learn not to destroy their images in MSPaint. It's laughable.

  2. When I farm I always stick to the black route, if you can farm efficiently like me you can make 12-15 stacks per hour

  3. If you happen to be an engineer this spot is a must for steam clouds which extract into crystallized fire/water. However this zone is hugely populated on my server and it seems that mining here has taken on a 'fight club' etiquette such as ore's stolen from in front of you etc.

  4. I agree with what Phatty said, a great spot for engineers to farm, crystallized fire pays well on my server. If your an engy+miner get the goggles + mote extractor and head to sholozar. Bit of a pain getting there from dala going around wg, but that'll be fixed next patch.

  5. Hellos.
    For those who are wondering what Routes and Gathermate are or how to set them up here is a short guide.

    1. Download and install the two addons(duh) and make sure to get the gathermate_data file as well.

    2. In game do /gathermate and use the import database option choosing the type of resource you'd like to import: Herbs, Clouds, Mining nodes, Fishing pools etc.

    3. After import is done and you can see a shitload of dots on the map do /routes.

    4. Chose the option "Add", select the zone you'd like to create a route for, put a name there and hit OK.

    5. Chose the type of resource you want to make the route for and hit Create route.

    6. Your map should be full of crazy lines at this moment. Select the zone you created the route for and then select the actual route. Go to optimize and hit cluster and then Foreground.

    7. If you did this right a nice continuous line should appear on the map. All thats left to do now is mount up and go gather and laugh in the face of the other lesser farmers >:).

    I know this is a big wall of text and I thank you for reading and hope this will help your gathering future :).

  6. Just curious,
    what cut gems do you normally sell?

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