New Mounts and Turn Ins

Hey Marko!

I have now re rolled horde, and as such became interested in the new items available to the horde, including the new raptor mount. I came across a comment on wowhead sayong how to get the mount, which included giving the npc 20 runecloth and 20 Rugged leather. I just wanted to ask your opinion if it is worth buying these out now and hope for an increase in price, or to save my (at the moment low amount of) gold?

From Necrolia of Draenor EU

Hey there Necrolia, here's my answer: Look at the auction house currently, how much Rugged Leather and Runecloth is there? The less there are the more potential for profit. What I would do is set a price that you are willing to buy out all runecloth and rugged leather in preparation for this quest. If you're low on cash it's quite easy to just go farm stratholme or various other places for the cloth. The leather can also be farmed but is a little more time consuming (I'd rather just buy it).

Sorry allies but sadly rugged leather and rune cloth are too numerous for horde to want to travel to the neutral auction house so allies won't be able to make any gold off the new raptor mounts. It's a shame because I think this quest alone is going to make tons of gold for clever horde auctioneers when this goes live.

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  1. Sadly, I play alliance for this one. But if your Auction House is anything like mine alliance side, I would wager there is never more than 8 stacks of rugged leather, going around 13g. Presents a bit of a problem.

    However, if you remember the old Yeti cave in Winterspring, you can pull stack after stack of rugged from that cave. Rarely anyone there now farming the yetis and they do drop a nice bit of vendor trash and money.

    Hope this helps someone out. This was probably my favorite farming spot back in vanilla wow.

  2. I would guess that if there really is a shortage of runecloth or rugged leather on the horde side that some enterprising horde will watch the neutral AH for mats. As long as you keep your listings priced so that these people can still turn a reasonable profit flipping it on the horde AH you should be able to make money.

    This is especially true in the early days after the patch when people are racing to get the first mounts.

  3. I may be way off here, but when I read the quest for the new raptor mount it sounded like you needed 20 teeth that were accumulated one a day. Only then did you need the 20 runecloth and 20 rugged leather.

    At best it would seem that there might be a run on runecloth/leather around the 20 day mark from the patch. But also because of the long time between patch day and when people will be able to get the mount, the prices may not go that high.

  4. It's a tough call, actually. There's only one stack of leather needed by the quest, but the critters in Un'Goro are skinned into rugged leather. There might be some initial demand followed by flooding.

    The rugged leather flood this quest may cause when the patch hits might be the better way to go. Buy cheap and sell back slowly or craft things that sell for a better than normal profit margin.

  5. What new mount is this? Can you link it on wowhead?

  6. I wouldn't stock runecloth. It seems pretty worthless to me as I have stacks of it. A run through Strat or Scholo will net you dozens of cloth.

    Rugged leather on the other hand will be more valuable. The Yeti cave in Winterspring seems to be popular for this.

  7. Hey Markco, yesterday i was checking out Ghostboci's hilarious, and very informative posts, and i came across something and got me thinking, someone commented on Ghostboci's apprenticeship idea, he stated "Now if only this worked with US servers... Where's markco". so ya as stated it got me thinking. what would he say, if someone actually asked this? Would you ever consider doing an apprenticeship, sort of like what the greedy goblin is doing?

    Disclaimer: People might take what i stated in the wrong way, I am not asking him to do it (although that would be awesome), i am asking what does he think about doing, and what he thinks of the idea.

  8. @anonymous - I think that my thoughts on this would make a great post. You'll have your answer next week :)

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