Rerolls in 3.2

Anyone else sick of questing? Do you find that you just want to log on, kill some stuff (particularly players), and then log off? Well with 3.2 Blizzard is going to make leveling through bg's a legitimate method to earning experience.

I have tons of alts sitting close to the level cap and one or two I'd be willing to level from around 30 to 80. But questing has become way too boring, thus bgs are the only way I'd be willing to level these toons.

Many players level their alts with lack luster attempts at improving professions. Sure they start off strong, might even make some low level gear for themselves but eventually the speed of leveling overlaps the speed at which you can level professions. You're in and out of areas too quickly to gather adequate supplies for leveling (except first aid) and thus professions will almost always become a 'I'll do that at 80' thing.

With all these new level 80's created through bg leveling (particularly hardcore arena players who are tired of questing like myself), there will be a real demand for the choke points in various gathering professions. My favorite choke for multiple professions is Thorium ore, since BS, JC, and Eng all require this before outland. Since BS, JC, and Eng are the most popular arena professions, expect Thorium to shoot through the roof shortly after 3.2 hits.

If you need help finding a good Thorium Spot, look no further than these posts:

For tailoring you may want to stock up on runecloth and netherweave:

For the comments: Any ideas on other 'choke points' that will provide a lot of gold for the savy auctioneer who prepares now for the oncoming storm?

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  1. Specialty containers should have a nice bump in demand

  2. Auntie Cail said... July 22, 2009 at 2:40 PM

    Truesilver. When you find it, always, always snag it. JC, especially, requires a semi-ridiculous amount. You can find ooze covered thorium in Silithis, in the bug nests w/ooze covered thorium, just fyi.

  3. Markco you are totally right about thorium ore. Remember when I spent 3k on thorium ore priced at or lower than 20g a stack? Well, those 150+ stacks are almost gone!

    For a time, the market on the prospected gems was fierce, and I just had to sit on them. But lately I have been selling dozens of gems. the best part is, I've established some relationships.

    On several occasions I'll see all 10 of my Huge Emeralds being bought out and will whisper the buyer "Dont buy any more at higher prices, posting more now!" to not only stimulate my own sales, but to prevent those with significant markup from making their own as well.

    Another JC tip, check the JC guides online, thorium is the obvious choke point, but don't forget about Fel Iron Ore and Adamantite Ore. The green gems from these ores I sell for 7-8g a pop, usually making 50%-100% on top of my initial investment, with usually little competition. JC power levelers need upwards of 30-50 gems to go from 300 to 335.

    On top of that, adamantite powder goes for 5-10g a piece, making admantite a great find when stacks are less than 30g.

  4. good job on your new videos who dont you put links on the blog man i only found them cos im on youtube with no wow for the night.

    put a link on the blog, trust me it will help,


  5. Too bad we can't fly around Azeroth for that Thorium.

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