Saronite Over Supply

Titanium ore farming has been on the rise ever since epic gems were announced by blizzard in the next patch 3.2 and the fact that prospecting titanium ore will produce these gems. How many and how often is anybody's guess, but this simple announcement has created rampent stockpiling of Titanium ore by savy speculators on every server.

A side result of the Titanium farming is the mass flooding of extra saronite bars onto the auction house. Many see this as a negative: lower priced saronite bars means more blue gems being prospected and thus lower prices for gem sellers.

I see this as a great thing for crafters. If you're quick at buying out saronite bars now when they drop too low then you will allow yourself to craft blacksmithing items much cheaper than the competition.

Eternal belt buckles, saronite weapons, saronite pvp gear, etc are all going to be cheaper to make. If my manage to buy out the saronite ore as it comes in then the prices of these goods will remain the same whlie you manufacture them for even cheaper and thus make even more gold than normal. Always look into disenchanting items after creating them to see if buying saronite bars for various blacksmithing greens will be worth it to craft and disenchant.

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  1. Hmm, my server must be the only one where Saronite prices have gone up instead. And there's definitely more of it.

  2. I'll have to keep an eye on this... I've actually managed to buy a lot of saronite bars via vendor scans on my server, about 20g a stack. (Used a lot for personal Mammoth Cutters.) Yesterday I caught a guy in trade wanting 15 stacks, and there was none in the AH; got a nice bit of profit there.

  3. It also makes it a good time for Alchemists to blow their Titanium Bar cooldown regularly.

  4. Just an FYI- saronite ore should have a hard minimum price of 12.5g a stack- anything less and you can smelt the ore and vendor it for a profit.

  5. I've seen a huge reduction in price of ore, but not bars on my server, which I'm exploiting to great effect

  6. I take the uncommon prospected gems +earth and turn them into jewelry to d/e, but I can't find any other way to make cheap dust out of this ore boon.
    Saronite Dirk (BS) or Snow Goggles(Eng) are the best ways to get shards out of Saronite that I've found.

  7. I am getting some very good prices on saronite ore.

  8. in my server saronite bar and ore have gone up. Actually all the ores and bars have gone up. Tin, Iron, Mithril, Thorium, Fel Iron, etc.

    I am just selling like crazy. Thorium bars and ores 88g per stack, same with saronite bars and ores.

  9. I've had a crash of the saronite prices. Today I bought about 40 stacks of saronite for 10g per stack by some DK. It will be nice to have for my JC leveling.

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