Spring Cleaning - A Bountiful Harvest

I haven't done any serious auctioneering for a few weeks.... months? Other than the occasional 1-2k a day of course. So I decided last weekend to post one of my alt's ~600 auctions for fun and see how much gold I made. This alt is my random arbitrage alt, so the items have absolutely no rhyme or reason other than to be sold for more than I purchased them at. Many of the items involved are old world (pre BC), some BC, and a couple are WOTLK. It probably took about three periods of scanning/collecting to build this stash, but I can't give exact figures since I hadn't touched this alt in so long.

The point of me posting this video is to show that you can make THOUSANDS of gold without a single profession. Simple arbitrage is amazing and all this money was made using my 22 steps to auctioneer. If you're confused or having trouble please see that post. Here's the result from my ~600 auctions:

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  1. sold a golden pearl for 3g??? omg man.. those sell for 80g on Mal'Ganis. Twinks use that for +30 spellpower and i sell those scrolls for around 350g a piece.

  2. Thanks for catching that, I'll have to fix my auctioneer for golden pearls. Didn't even notice, lol!

  3. I really liked the video, but watching the results vid I especially liked the utility addons you're using like the mail one and the message one. What are they?
    Also do you know any way to get more then 25 "letters" at a time from the mail box. The time spent waiting for the mail server to respond takes a full quarter of my auctioneering time?

  4. Maskedmustelid said... July 23, 2009 at 10:20 AM

    Only 25 letters at a time? Actually, it's 7 pages of 7 letters, making up to 49 visible at any given time.

    As for speeding up the mail refresh rate, I find the quickest/easiest method is to simply log off/on again, and the game will automatically update it with the next batch of letters.

  5. I am backing out of a lot of markets and focusing on a select few now. Low level gems, netherweave bags, titanium, silver, truesilver and thorium ores.

    This weekend I am going to purge all my other items and reset my Auctioneer data for a fresh start.

  6. You can either relog or /reload to refill your mailbox.

  7. I'm wondering what your return on investment is for these items? I can't see what you paid for these, maybe I missed something?

  8. I use an addon called Postal that will open all the messages of a specific type (auction won, outbid, with attachments,etc) quickly, or you select the messages you want and it will open them.

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