Suggestion Box Friday (7/10/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is when I, the gold making master, abandom my instruments of communication and allow for you, the lovable amateur, to share your opinions in place of my own. In other words, I basically take a day off.


Regarding Using My Power for Profit

Kring said...
Only people who inherit power use it for evil. People who worked for their power know how to use it. :-) Just an update. A few month ago I asked if I should buy azure dragon pet on the AH for 500g (which were obviously sold by a bot, because all had the same seller).I finally sold the first two last week for 1300g each (I didn't try sooner because I don't need the gold and I wanted the demand to grow). You were right, thanks. :-)

Regarding How to Use Routes

Sekirei said... - Sample route

Regarding The 4th of July

Anonymous said...
Dalaran server - complete dump in prices over the weekend. picked up a 20-stack of void crystals for 70g (typically 230g on my server). Shards dropped dramatically as well. I can't give meat away right now. I will no longer buy this product (ie. chilled meat, fish, etc.). I plan on continuing to buy up shards for enchanting at these low prices. I've never seen such a flood of enchanting mats on the market.


Share your thoughts on the upcoming patch and the economic changes involved.

6 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (7/10/09)"

  1. A suggestion on the meat,

    Check the prices for cooked stacks of food. Buy some cheap northrend spices & find a chef! A lot of times raw meat/fish sell cheap, but you throw a 1g spice on it & the prices triple!

  2. Hey markco.. I was just scanning your blogger page and I saw chinese gold seller adds???
    1. I thought you didn't support illegal gold selling.
    2. I though China banned gold selling?
    I wouldn't be surprised if people stopped reading your blog if the gold selling adds were still there. Also, I will most likely stop reading your blogs, because I personally hate anyone that supports chinese gold selling.

  3. 1. The ads are fed up by google or whoever pays for them. Markco (and every other blogger) does not approve of everything advertised.

    2. What makes you think they were chinese gold sellers? Many of those companies are US based sellers. The gold farmers (from anywhere in the world) supply those companies. They don't sell directly to players.

    And the biggest supporters of gold sellers are gold buyers. You might want to see if there's anybody in your guild or raiding group you hate.

  4. Agree with Sparks....I was amazed that some of my guildmates had bought gold, even after some other guildies had their accts hacked. I don't know if they have stopped buying gold, but I know they don't proclaim it as they once did.

    And China sorta banned gold selling, it is not quite that simple. But remember, this is the internet and gold purchases will continue.

    If you want to stop reading a blog, that's your decision. I'd stop reading over something more substantial than some ads that you can just ignore. Personally I find them amusing. The grammar and vocabulary are enjoyable, as is the game of trying to understand exactly what they are saying.

  5. If you ask the people at wowradio (, i think that they have compiled a blacklist of google ads which you can use to remove the goldsellers without having to scrap google ads completely.

  6. Personally I don't really care that much for the google ads. I am currently looking into replacing them anyway. Thanks for the feedback.

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