Suggestion Box Friday (7/17/09)

It's time for another Suggestion Box Friday! It's when I, the guru of gold, the sultin of surplus, the diva of deposits, the extraordinary economist and overall good guy, retreat from my saronite plated throne to my saronite plated jacoozi and allow you, the lovable auction house amateur, a chance to share your thoughts on world of warcraft economics.

Community Spotlight

I really enjoyed doing an interview with, so I started browsing around for more world of warcraft podcasts (quasi radio shows) and I found Pretty cool stuff all around, although there isn't the focus on gold gathering, it does have a large following and enjoyable content. You can head over to their site and find hours upon hours of recorded shows (one of my favorite parts about podcasts is the archives they create). Go give them a try and be sure to contact them and let them know what you think.


Do you think that the 21 Tips in 21 Days has been a success so far? Are there any tips you disagreed with or felt were spot on? Any of them actually help you out?


Regarding Wow Popular

Uzuri said...
I'm sure this goes without saying, but people also need to keep in mind that things vary from server to server.For instance, the list has Shaman's "Glyph of Astral Recall" marked as a rather unpopular choice (two stars), but I find they sell very well on my server.So this is definitely a great starting point (especially since, I would imagine, the most popular glyphs involve min/maxing and thus are most desirable), but I would encourage new scribes to keep track of what glyphs they've sold themselves, as no one can tell you what sells best on your server aside from those with experience.

Regarding Essence of Undeath Video

Anonymous said...
Great spot for starting on a new server. Go there with a death knight and you are all set.

Regarding Tip #14

Anonymous said...
The best play I have is typically on market monopolizers. They've bought out the whole market hoping to double the sale price and I slowly post one or two at slightly above reasonable prices which they then buy in an attempt to continue to control the supply. I keep unloading my inventory slowly at very favorable prices until they break.

5 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (7/17/09)"

  1. Thought I'd give a market report.. the titanium report.

    When the Epic JC gems were announced, along with the prospecting of titanium, as we all know, titanium prices spiked hard. Some guildies and I invested it titanium bars and titansteel bars, which were ~5G and ~75G at the time. Over the course of 3-4 weeks, we managed to drive the prices up to over 30G for the titanium bars, but only 120G for the titansteel. Ore went up to 250G/stack right away, so we never invested there.

    Now an interesting thing as happened. Demand has tailed off. Titanium bars are down to 20G, and Titansteel bars back to 90G. And ore is showing up as cheap as 150G/stack (I'm buying out any that I see that cheap).

    I am assuming two things have happened. The big excitement is past, and also the investors have run out of money to invest with.

    Myself, I went from 27k gold before the announcement to 43k gold today, by selling off the titanium bars at the high side, along with my JC work, AND WHILE leveling BS on my pally. Luckily I sold off most of my titanium bars while the prices were higher, the remaining stock (4 sacks) I may just save for BS mats. (And I'm sitting on 34 stack of ore at the moment. I'm going to keep 40k as my baseline, and any funds above that will go into cheap ore.)

  2. @anonymous this is exactly what I've been doing, buying and selling these ores is amazing profit if only because of all the speculation going on! Great work and thanks for the report.

  3. Hey Markco, Ive been saving up my JC tokens to purchase a few of these new epic gem recipes and I was wondering which you thought would be the best to buy. Im a pally healer myself so 23 SP and 20 Intel are the ones I am definitly buying. But Im thinking if I buy the most common recipes everyone wants i.e 40 Stam and 20 Str there will be alot of competition with other JC's on my server. So I was thinking of buying some orange and green epic gem recipes like 15 SP and 10 Crit or 15 Stam and 15 Defense but was just wondering what you thought would be the best recipes to invest in.

    Thanks in advance :D

  4. Hey faze, sent you an email, you should post your question on the forums as well.

  5. Did'nt get that email yet Markco, you sure you sent it? :P

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