Suggestion Box Friday (7/24/09)

Another suggestion box friday, another chance for you, the lovable auction house amateur to show off your strategies and share your insight with the JMTC community. Anything goes in the comments section, so have fun!


Regarding Spring Cleaning
The Grinch said...
I really liked the video, but watching the results vid I especially liked the utility addons you're using like the mail one and the message one. What are they?Also do you know any way to get more then 25 "letters" at a time from the mail box. The time spent waiting for the mail server to respond takes a full quarter of my auctioneering time?

Regarding Spring Cleaning
KevMar said...
You can either relog or /reload to refill your mailbox.

Regarding Apprenticeship
Darth Solo said...
They say that a good deed never goes unpunished. The apprenticeship wouldn't work for me. I've tried helping a couple of people by giving them tips on how to make money after they whispered me for some gold and then I couldn't get rid of them for months. They kept begging for freebies, dungeon runs, gear and stuff. It's just not worth the hassle.

Regarding Portals and Tips
Gibbiex said...
Same thinking for enchanting, regarding tips. My rule: If they've been spamming trade for 5 min or more, are level 80 (or high level), and i have the enchant, i'll switch over to my enchanter. I got really tired of 'can you come to org', 'what, you don't have mats', 'what you mean you expect a tip after wasting 15 min of your time?' Its not like I don't like helping people, but I have stuff i could be doing instead of dealing with idiots.


How many more weeks until the next season and patch 3.2? 4? 5? 6? My money is on 4 more weeks but we'll just have to wait and see! I hope it's not much longer or else I'm going to have to play more arenas.

7 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (7/24/09)"

  1. I also have the same worries about the patch. I need to get my 1850 weapon before the patch hits xD. I just recently found a good druid on my server void of good players.

  2. They said they'd announce the patch at least 1 month before it hits so that the raiders can aim for their proto-drake before they get removed so I'd say at least 5 weeks.

  3. actually they announced that the protodrakes won't be going away anytime soon. So that won't be an indicator of when the patch is coming out. People had 5-6 mos in Nax, and only 3 or so in Ulduar. They are leaving the drakes in for the foreseeable future.

  4. They always announce the arena season two weeks before it ends i do believe. Meaning the patch will be 2 weeks from then.

  5. Sorry to do this anonymously, but I listen to Arenacast, which is a podcast about tournament arena play, and many players who talked with devs at the North American Regionals said that if Blizz does patch to 3.2 before Blizzcon and the associated arena tournament, it would be MORE than one week before, which is what happened at last Blizzcon (i think, may have been another tournament). So since Blizzcon is August 21-22, the patch would go live August 14 at the latest, but probably more likely August 7th. So it's either in the next two weeks or after Blizzcon. I'd say it will be right after Blizzcon.

  6. Only a fool works for tips, an enchanter is double the fool, I can see it for portals and lockboxes because there isn't another way to get value for your skills. The same was true for enchanters before vellum, now I actually despise enchanters that devalue the profession by working for tips.

    So gratz on that 2g tip you got for an enchant that is worth hundreds of gold.

  7. You do realize that the vast majority of enchants either never sell on the AH or sell for exactly the material cost, don't you? (At least on my server). There is very little profit to be had even at 450 given that dust/essence costs vary dramatically and the time to sell a big enchant may be a week or more. You may make 100g but you are more than likely to make nothing at all.

    Further, enchanters that work for tips are not destroying the economy. The guys who flood the AH with unsellable enchants at the same price of mats, those are the guys who are destroying the economy. I'd rather have at least a potential of reward for doing nothing that sell the same scrolls week after week and maybe break even, maybe not.

    So basically you are saying that by offering my services for a tip is stealing from you who is trying to make a substantial profit from stuff in AH? I have no sympathy for you. If you lowered your costs, people would buy. If you spammed trade with your scrolls, people would buy. If you offered your service for tips or a fee, people would buy.

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