Suggestion Box Friday (7/3/09)

Another month has passed and more records broken for the site!

Pageviews: 313,901
Average Time on Site: 2:39
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Wiggin said...
Hey Markco, check out this excellent post on the new crafted items in 3.2, which include a lot of existing mats, I.E. Saronite Bar, which definitely have the potential to rise in price.

Anonymous said...
I always use the following macro when entering a city:

/run SendChatMessage("Enchanter looking for work - 10 gold tip - ",GetSpellLink("Enchanting")), "CHANNEL", nil, 2)

Great way to get the info out there!

Community Spotlight

Keganscoin is a relatively new blog that I'd like to give a shout out to. I love these 'journal sytle' blogs similiar to what scrooge had going until he mysteriously stopped blogging. Keep the updates coming Kegan!


Twinking changes are getting very interesting: the ability to turn off xp, the need for lower level enchants due to higher ones being disabled on lower level characters, and BOA gear being BIS for several item slots. How will this effect the economy?

5 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (7/3/09)"

  1. Grats on breaking records I enjoy reading your site fills time at work. Keep up the wonderful blog.

  2. I haven't identified any specific changes that will definitely affect twinks. It could increase twinking since players are more likely to face other twinks and have more competition. However, long BG que times and the removal of 'pwning noob' non-twinks might decrease the number of twinks.

  3. "similiar to what scrooge had going until he mysteriously stopped blogging"

    Don't want to be alarmist or anything, but after reading the last post on Scrooge's blog, my first thought was:

    Swine Flu.

  4. I hate when people say "10 gold tip" it's not a tip if it's mandatory. a tip is what I give you as extra for a job well done.


  5. I make between 1-2 thousand each day from twink enchants/goods. +30SP sells for around 350g on my server, same with mongoose, boar's speed/ fortitude 75g, +15agi to wpn 150g, crusader 75g.. etc..

    I usually solo some old heroic or vanilla instances for enchanting mats, since i can DE the cloth created goods and any loot that drops from instances.

    Since interest in Ulduar is winding down, twink goods are going up in price, and also twink enchanting goods. Greater planar is up to 18g/per, Greater Eternal Essence 15g, and Golden Pearls 80g.

    It's also good money to re-sell twink items that go largely under-priced. I bought a 'eluding' aquamarine signet yesterday for 7g and resold it for 85g in under 12hours.

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