Suggestion Box Friday (7/31/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to share your wisdom or newfound tactics with the rest of the JMTC community. Anything goes today so feel free to comment as long as it has something to do with making gold.

Still working on the format for the next gold guide contest as well as timing. As Blizzard likes to say: Soon. My pvp video is still in the 'collect footage' stage and I've gotten a few really cool/funny shots so far including the 2450 Rated Farmer with pitchfork killing people, going 1v6 in wsg, slamming montage openner, and much more. I still haven't decided if I want to turn the video into a tutorial or just show off the skillz. Perhaps you have some suggestions or requests for the video?


Regarding Saronite Over Supply

Outdps said...
Just an FYI- saronite ore should have a hard minimum price of 12.5g a stack- anything less and you can smelt the ore and vendor it for a profit.

Regarding 3.2 Flask Prices

Andy said...
Flasks are selling a lot better on my server currently, but at market prices - not that I'm complaining as I make a nice profit. I sold 20 flasks of endless rage last night, for example.I plan on buying some hopefully cheap mats this weekend in preparation for the probable patch next week.

Regarding Auction House Talent Points

Frogi said...
Funniest post ever.

To Frogi: I agree :D

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  1. I know that being the struggling PVPer I am I'd love to see you make a tutorial for arena's. Although seeing a video of your skills are always fun to :D

  2. I'm torn myself between showing clips of being awesome and giving a run down of how I pvp. Perhaps I will do both.

  3. If you have some good moments, like those you mentioned, definitely add them to the video, but personally, I'd prefer to see a video that is based more on showing what you are doing (voice over to explain strats are great here) rather than just pure epeen flexing.

    If you want to see some great examples of how to make a PvP video both fun and instructional, check out "I suck at PvP" one and two by Evertras. They are videos from the perspective of a frost mage during BC, but they are really well done.

    I don't even play a warrior, but I'd be interested in watching a video that both entertained me and helped me learn more about the class.

  4. WTT...I don't know about most of you, but I had bought a couple Runed Orbs a little while ago on dips. Well I reallized recently that oops, not such a good idea to keep those as they'll be dirt cheap as of the patch. Well a couple days ago I reallized selling wasn't the best option, too much competition.

    Trade, I offered them up in trade for an equivalent amount in Titansteel, actually I got more Titansteel than the amount for Orbs. Lots of people still have Titansteel laying around, the Ulduar stuff has been too expensive for them to buy the runed orbs, and all the other crafted stuff has been bought and lots of competition there, so they want to get rid of them.

    Makes both parties happy and you get something that's rising in value and they get immediate satisfaction to build their gear, or they just don't reallize the orbs will be worth nothing in a few days.

    Moral of the story, gold poor players may prefer to trade their crafted stuff and lose on the trade than to put up the gold.

  5. I'd love to see a "pvp 101" vid for warrior too, it's always great to see new tricks :)

  6. a couple days ago, a forum, i go on, made a post about him soloing HOL *heroic*, he said it took him about 5 hours, but it raked him rougly 800g for non enchanters 1100 for Enchanters, he posed most his SSES, and the one problem he said he had was on Ionar, where it was kind of difficult. Now later in the post, someone linked a video of a high geared dk, who soloes everything, he has gone from soling Halls of Lightning for 800g, soloing Doomwalker for 500g-1000g (1000g with items), He has also 3 manned Sartharion, i will post his youtube page at the bottom.

  7. I think what the above poster means in his terrible grammar is Darkkiller5000, he is a Death Knight, that makes video of him soloing heroic dungeons, bc stuff for gold, etc etc...

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  9. Might I offer a 3rd (and not necessarily exclusive of the other two) option? Make it something artistic instead. Granted, there are infinite variations on what could be considered 'artistic'. The PvP (and other) videos which I've kept around and rewatch from time to time usually involve more than just the clips played with some background music. Whether it be a storyline, elements of humor, synchronization with the music, or whatever else, there's some combination of factors that elevates it beyond just 'scenes with background music'.

    I won't deny that trying to achieve that can be tough (especially given the totally subjective nature of what your audience may consider 'art'), and definitely requires more work. I know I've struggled with that in the (very, very few) videos I've made in the far past. I guess it all depends on what you really want to achieve with the video. Tutorial videos have their place, and can be quite very helpful to someone else trying to learn elements of the game. Showing off/big numbers can be quite fun as well. :) Then there's those rare gems which impress themselves in my memory, for being something else.

    Good luck, and cya in game!

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