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I've had numerous people ask me what the best glyphs, gems, etc are for selling on the auction house. Finally I came across a helpful site that literally tells you the most popular items in the game. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is struggling with deciding what items to craft and sell on the ah.

Here's a link to WowPopular with glyphs selected.

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  1. Oh my god is this ever useful, I've been looking for a site like this. Thank you.

  2. Very nice , I had spent a while taking note of what the glyph market was like on my own realm but this could prove pretty useful.

  3. Yeah Markco, you rock...
    I've been trying to make a list like this for two months, but still, there are 8 glyphs I noticed on this site and i don't sell yet... ill be selling them tonight =p.


  4. doesn't matter to me. i just make them all and replace whatever sells ;-)

  5. I just like to point out that popular doesn't mean it sells for a good price. PW:S is a great glyph, but it only goes for a few gold. Shadowfiend does sell, but Levitate typically sells for more. Still a very useful site though.

  6. Also lacks server specific things. I cannot move flash heal or holy light, at all, ever, at any price, no matter how low. Judgement flies off the shelf, but at 4g each, no incentive to make it because it is a break even price. Auctioneer remains my best tool as a guy who posts a couple of thousand glyphs a week.

  7. My shammy is too low in Inscription to make many worthwhile glyphs, but not too long ago I stumbled on something very interesting.

    Glyph of Mend Pet, one of the discoveries, goes for about 15g on my server. Couple that glyph with it being able to be learned by even a Level 15 toon and easy mount money.

  8. I'm sure this goes without saying, but people also need to keep in mind that things vary from server to server.

    For instance, the list has Shaman's "Glyph of Astral Recall" marked as a rather unpopular choice (two stars), but I find they sell very well on my server.

    So this is definitely a great starting point (especially since, I would imagine, the most popular glyphs involve min/maxing and thus are most desirable), but I would encourage new scribes to keep track of what glyphs they've sold themselves, as no one can tell you what sells best on your server aside from those with experience.

  9. The problem with Glyphs is that they get undercut drastically so prices fluctuate wildly. Some morons manage to bring a glyph that sells well for 19 gold down to 6 silver!

    So if you want to stay on top of the game you need to scan the AH daily and produce only 1, max 2 of each glyph that sells for 20 gold as of that moment.

    Funny thing is that sometimes, by the time I craft and post some of these glyphs (which is anywhere between 5-10 minutes), some idiots have already managed to bring the price under 10G!

  10. @ darth solo,

    I make 7K gold per week just selling glyphs (after 3.1)

    Base on your post you have no idea how to setup a good glyph industry. I am not going to go into details but you shouldn't tell people about how to do something when is clear that you are not very good at it.

    This post is not to tell you (and/or anybody else) how to do it correctly but to let others know not to follow your harmful advice about how "to stay on top of the game"


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  12. @Anonymous believe you me I've also made a ton of gold after 3.1 from inscription. In fact it's my most profitable profession.

    My "advice" is based on my own observations, on my own server. My methods work for me. They may not work under other conditions. I never claimed to be an expert. In fact, I am a noob compared to the masters, including Marcko here but all the same I make enough gold to satisfy all my needs.

    Please share with the rest of us what your methods are. Hopefully they will benefit everyone. Also, I'm hoping they don't involve more than an hour a day playing the AH because personally I enjoy doing other things in this game than spending all my time in the AH.

  13. awesome awesome site , always a real treat when guys are willing to share their experience with us noobs at no cost. well done to you gents

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