21 Tips in 21 Days to Auctioneering: Tip #20

Advertise in trade chat to buy goods for 20% less than they are worth on the ah. Post after buying, though not right away to avoid suspicion. Always look for people selling huge amounts of an item in trade to empty their bags or buy their flying mount.

Basically, do not ignore trade chat, even if idiots are spamming about somebody's mom or advertising the newest and greatest guild.

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  1. Don't forget the 'anal game'.

    I loathe the 'anal game'...

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. lol i was totally about to put that too

  3. Nono, don't post right after you've raised the price by buying. Buy out what you need of the AH, but leave the cheapest 2-3 stacks/items in. That way when people run to the AH to check the price and see what it's worth, they'll have a lower value for it, than if you had already bought out the cheap stuff.

  4. I snagged a bargain today like that.
    Someone in trade selling unspecified amount of saronite ore stacks for an unspecified price. I figure there is no harm in asking and I get them at 11g/stack which I think is great. I think he was looking for a quick sale.


  5. Trade chat is a winner. I've found alot of good deals.

    A week ago i bought 15 blue items for 50g. It's also my main supply of frozen orbs. :)

  6. I agree 100 percent on watching trade,I have more than a few times picked up amazing deals. Such as just last Thursday picked up 50 stacks of Frostweave Cloth at 3 gold each ,sent them to my alt and reposted on ah for 12 gold after I had bought out the current supply,
    all sold within hours.

  7. Elad - Spinebreaker said... August 18, 2009 at 3:33 AM

    the other day.. i watched a guy spam Signet of the Accord in trade for about 20 minutes. his price slowly depleting. i threw hima lowball offer and he went for it... 2 hours later i sold it in AH for 600 more gold then i bought it. Trade chat definatly is worth it.

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