Abyss Crystal Money Strategy

Currently abyss crystals have fallen around 60% on my server, but the enchanting recipes are still worth around 80% of their original value. Therefore I've been crafting various high level enchants that take abyss crystals for huge profits (often 125-150% profit). Only a few sell each day but it's a thousand more gold for very little effort. Been using trade chat like crazy to pick up dream shards and abyss crystals cheap.

Since this market could go sour anytime, I am selling off all my excess mats each day for a few gold below the current price and only making 1-4 of each enchant. This way when the market does crash to where it should be I will have come out on top in the long run.

Hope this information helps you enchanters out there make some easy money!

  1. Hey markco, there's a new post on MMO-champion on a new enchanting skill that lets you shatter abyss crystals into greater cosmics or infinite dusts. Do you think it's worth it to buyout all the abyss crystals and shatter them when the patch hits?

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