Abyss Crystals Trial of the Crusader

The newest instance is Blizzard's way of basically handing out abyss crystals to non-raiders. Perhaps this was an accidental side effect of helping gear out newer players, but the effect is still the same.

The bosses drop a TON of epics and every single one that no one wants will turn into an abyss crystal. Since so many characters in wow, particularly raiders, do not need the gear dropping from these instances there is going to be a huge crash of abyss crystals.

I predict prices dropping by about 20-40% by the end of this week. A frozen orb also drops off the last boss, which will probably seal the fate of those as well.

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  1. Prismatic crystals drop the new epic gems, frozen orb just may be worth something still

  2. Ran three instances last night. At the end of the night I had a total of nine Abyss Crystals and two Frozen Orbs. Your 40% might even be a bit conservative but the market will definitely drop a lot.

  3. When I first read about the new 5-man non heroic dungeon dropping all epics, I sold all of my Abyss Crystals.
    Prices on my server have since dropped 50% pre-patch till today.

    I'm pretty sure Frozen Orbs will also continue to decline, as everyone and their brother is running heroic instances like crazy to get the t8,5 emblems.

  4. I have seen abyss crystals drop from 100-120g on my server down to 30g. Frozen orbs from 80-100 down to 30g as well. I think if either of this is going to make a comeback it will be the frozen orbs as people get their alts geared up/sick of heroics, but they will never be what they once were.

  5. Unfortunatly I did not read the patch notes, or talk to anyone before Wednesday when I came back from Vaca. I jumped on some AC on the auction house that were 30g each for a stack. I figured people were dumping them due to upgrades....Maybe someday I can get them sold for break even....

  6. Abyss Crystals droppt from 100g to 30g on my server. Luckily I was able to sell my entire stock before that.

    Abyss Crystals will now be more common and cheaper than Infinite Dust which really shows how twisted wow economy has gotten. Also Enchanting is now a profession with almost no hope of making money (you need a second char that craft green leather/frostweave etc) items to barely make a bit of proft with dust.
    Jewelcrafters are as always money making machines. Some friends were able to make 50+ gold on the first day after the patch and 10-20k each day after that. Epic gems prices are now down quite a bit but jewelcrafters will still make a lot of gold with prospecting and buying uncut gems from th AH.

  7. I can confirm that this will happen--seeing as how on Cho'gall abyss shards prices have tanked from nearly 60g to about 35g.

    I am an unhappy disenchanter :(

  8. "Abyss Crystals will now be more common and cheaper than Infinite Dust"-

    Don't be ridiculous and melodramatic. You can create 3 dust out of 8 borean leather. Abyss crystals have to be farmed.

    The price on my server has already dropped hard- our farmers are willing to work for 40g per drop. This has been unlocking an entire market for me though- high enchants to characters who would normally take "good enough" enchants. I undercut by 20% and still make 30% margin, and I sell many times what I used to at this new price.

  9. If you didn't realize this was going to destroy the Abyss Crystal market then you weren't around for when Magister's Terrace was released, or at least were on the AH for it. Same thing, but also, as an ancillary benefit, because of all the new gear, normal (blue quality) gems are selling at 20-30% higher than they were pre-patch, because of people too cheap to get epic gems, or people who don't like to spend big money on thier alts.

    Also don't expect frozen orbs to recover, enough alts will keep the prices down, and now no one has to craft epics for gear, just run heroics.

  10. what? enchanting is a nice money maker if you know how to. Get some cheap abyss crystals 25-30g , dream shards , infinite dust, and GCE and make some scrolls of enchant weapon berserking. U will spend 400g top and they sell for 600g on my server. You can also try this with other weapon enchants now that they are more common.

  11. Sods. Wish i'd read this 20 mins ago. Just picked up frozen orbs thinking I was getting a bargain.

    Well peeps still need to gear up to heroic level gear so there will still be a market there for the orbs at least.

    Laziness will always win out in the end.

  12. So Abyss Crystals drop on our Server from 99g to 48g, still 50% less in price. So I think it will continieu until arena season is ending, then it will go up again. I think it will be a nice profit if you are going to wait now a couple of days if it is reaching the dead end, then buying Abyss Crystalls and then reselling it on next start of Arena Season or full activation of Crusaders Colliseum.

  13. I'm seeing a lot of the same numbers as other people here. Abyss Crystals were going for around 90-70g pre-patch, and now they're in the 30g range, along with Frozen Orbs. I thought the influx of people doing heroics again would affect the Dream Shard market as well, but it hasn't seemed to change much, at least not yet.

    Despite it all, higher end enchants still seem to be going for a good bit of gold, although I'm wondering how much longer that's going to last.

  14. It's the same deal on Mal'Ganis, picking up frozen orbs for under 15g now, and abyss dropping under 30g. I expect the crystals to stabilize around 20g each.

  15. Rivendare's Abyss Crystals went from 80g to 40g. Haven't checked AH yet.

  16. Why's everyone so unhappy about prices of frozen orb + abyss crystal dropping?

    It just means two things to me:
    1. leg armor kits just got cheaper to make.
    2. Enchanting scrolls are easier/cheaper to make.

    Since they'll probably sell due to people getting new gears... really, I don't see discontent.

    (Unless more people want to go into the market due to the lower cost of entry.)

  17. The earlier comment about Rivendare's crystal prices must have been from horde side. Over on alliance, we've seen the prices drop from 140g to about 50g and they are still falling. I predict they will eventually level out to horde prices, which currently are 40g and are likely to drop further.

  18. "This has been unlocking an entire market for me though- high enchants to characters who would normally take "good enough" enchants. I undercut by 20% and still make 30% margin, and I sell many times what I used to at this new price."


    I've been making gold hand over fist on scrolls of any enchant that requires Abyss Crystals. You have a lot more people buying them and the price hasn't dropped nearly as much as the cost. I've even been making up to a 250% profit margin on some enchants. I can craft about a dozen or so different epic gems, but the gold I make from JC is getting dwarfed by the gold I make from enchanting.

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