At Blizz Con

Having a blast at blizz con, meeting new people as well as tons of fans/readers of the site. It's actually been really touching and I've enjoyed meeting so many people.

I've met the developer of the wow laptop from Dell, Zach Yonzon from, members of 'The Guild' and a slew of other interesting characters... and blizzcon hasn't even started yet!

I walked around early afternoon with the newest host of PUG at who you'll meet tonight at 9 PM PST who also happens to be Thunderer on the JMTC forums.

Looking forward to meeting many more of you, keep a lookout for the black JMTC shirts :)

Fill the comments with anything you'd like me to ask the panels or want me to look into.

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  1. Well if your bored and want to as an uninteresting question, I have all my my character slots filled up with useful characters so i am unable to create an alliance char or anything like that (all of my characters are 80s or mid 70s) can you ask if they are planning to expand the number of slots we can have per server from 10 to something higher.

    Especially if they are releasing a new class with this xpac.



    Oh and have fun

  2. Just an FYI- google is showing a gold ad on your RSS feed.

  3. Wish I could have gone, really would have loved to have met you, Marcko. Your site is the first blog I read just about every morning. Its always very interesting, and gives me plenty to think about when it comes to the market, planning, and making all the gold I've ever needed. Thanks and have fun, hope you get surprised by something at the con!

  4. It would be cool if you could confirm some of the leaked info on the next expansion.

  5. The live stream has also started. Right now they are just showing trailers from Blizzard games and clips from 2008 Blizzcon. I had to log out and in again on the stream page in order to get the real stream (instead of the test stream)

  6. take lots of pics :D

  7. I'd also be interested in asking what the chances of getting extra character slots are.

    There have been some rumors of possible hunter news at blizzcon; ammo changes, possibly changing the hunter class away from mana... love to hear anything they have to say about that.

  8. With al the new dinos I see in the Cataclysm shots and such, could you please ask about new hunter pets?

  9. All I have to say is... there are sweeping changes coming. I will be making posts today for the days following blizzcon as to how cataclysm's economy will be different from today's.

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