Back from blizzcon!!! BTW Thunderion and I both won spectral tiger mounts :D

Now for a random post at 10:20 PM at night...

Frompy sent me a mail in game and I got to share this:

I'm really happy he took the videos the right way because we really did just mean it as a joke. I'm glad he thought it was funny :D

I sent a mail back promising that next time we saw him we'd take great pains to kill everyone but him and leave him the last man standing lol.

The vids were slam montage and poor frompy.

  1. How did you win the Mounts?

  2. and can I have one =D (you dont need two xD)

  3. Thunderion and I both won one each in the 'elemental loot' booth.

  4. The slam montage video isn't available in Sweden. "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions."
    Is it available anywhere else?

  5. I'm sorry, not sure why that is like that... someone must have reported it or something even though the song is listed.

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