Blue Gems Sell Better Than Epics

"Hi Marcko,
Bucknastee here from the Rivendare server Crimson Eclipse guild. I have a gold making tip. Right now blue gems CUT are going for about 50g. UNCUT they are going for 10-15g. Buy them, get a jc to cut them and watch the money roll in. but be careful not to flood the market or prices will go down"

Currently players are getting new gear and looking to gem it out, but not with epics! Since epic gems are currently still pretty expensive and new arena gear is just around the corner, there's a real market for blue quality gems.

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  1. On my server we're having the opposite issue. A cut gem will sell for 10-15g while uncut are going for 20-30g thanks to alchemists looking to transmute them.

    If you take this tip, make sure to check and see what is selling better, cut or uncut, before you go buying and cutting gems.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  2. Shhhh... don't let folks in on the secret :D

    Since the news of titanium ore being prospectable and whatnot a few months back I got into a saving mode with both my titanium AND saronite ore. I did it since I wasn't positive (nor could I find proof to either possibility) that saronite might have a really low chance of proc'ing an epic gem. I saved almost all my bank alt's bank tabs with titanium and saronite ore. So much so I actually had to stop farming a few weeks before the patch hit cause I ran out of room and (admittedly) was too lazy to create another bank alt.

    Result? The expected results from both the titanium and the usual results from the saronite (no epics). That left me with a TON of green and blue gems.

    I had an OK amount of G saved up pre-ore hording (about 10K). I did however buy some ore (about 5K worth, even though I was a miner too) and spent some on other stuff (about 4K worth). So when patch day hit I was sitting on about 1K - really really scary low!

    I was really disappointed with the initial earnings of the epic cuts since folks kept bidding each other down and while they still go for about 100-200G on my server it was a far cry from what I was expecting. I made more from just tips advertising on trade chat "20G for epic cuts, 10G for rare cuts, 2G for green cuts" really than trying to buy/farm more ore after my initial stock ran out.

    The blue gems however *WOW* I had about 2 guild bank tabs of cut gems and I post them on my AH for 12 hours (so I post once in the morning and again before I go to bed), price cut by 10% of whatever the going rate is, I'd scope the AH for the more profitable ones on my JC (varied though not just all runed or something), then mail them to my alt. Whatever sells I replace with additional ones of that cut and keep posting 3 up at a time. If I was undercut during the day I just came back and relisted a few hours later when I was done work/sleeping. Also I used all the green gems for the green jewelry items to just DE (got about 10 stacks of greaters, 50 stacks of infinite dust which has also sold well).

    So its been what? 2 weeks since the patch hit? I made back all my initial gold from buying ore, bought the etched signet of the kirin tor ring (8800G), and am now (as of this morning) 3K G away from buying myself the vendor mount. I've always wanted one :) So 20K G in about 2 weeks is a good thing.

    I've never been one of those folks that scower the AH for vendor items, snatches, upgrade/downgrade stuff as I usually just farm my ore and do JC stuff with it for 90% of my gold (there seems to be a lot of folks on my realm already doing that cause my Auctioneer rarely finds that stuff - can't say I haven't tried lol). But (and yeah here's the point to the book above) most of my profits have come from blue gems! :D So if they are good on your realm - work them like they're hot - cause they are!

  3. I've had the dilemma of whether to use JC tokens to buy new epic designs or old blue gem designs - although less of a problem I guess for more established JCs who had most good designs before the patch anyway.

    Mostly, I've been selling scarlet rubies cut for 60-70g or uncut for 50g, not wanting to flood the market. All other blue gems I've been selling uncut for 10-30g but I could earn more if I pick the right designs to buy.

    Saronite is dirt cheap at the moment, so any greens go into JC, off to my enchanter for DE and I flood the dust market posting 100 single infinite dust for 1g below anyone elses price....more than pays for the saronite on its own!

  4. From my experience I find that epic gems still make the most profit for me. My server has a lot of JC's so therefore the competition is pretty steep. However, since I have two JC toons and saved up a lot of tokens for this patch, I was able to buy all of the most used melee and caster designs respectively.

    This has netted me a lot of gold since most JC's do not have the breadth of designs as I do currently. Once every JC attains most of the designs I'm sure the competition will increase.

    Nevertheless, I have experienced cut blue quality gems to be very dirt cheap. I find myself making most of my profit buying the uncut epic gems and selling them cut for at least a 100g profit per gem. I never post more than two of each cut since the posting costs are very high and I delist and repost if I am undercut, when I have time.

    Also, timing gems to put on AH is key to making money. What I mean by this is knowing when your competitor's auctions are ending and getting a feel of how often they post and if they undercut you. In addition, posting PVP related gems right after the weekly reset and posting PVE related gems after common raid times.

    Green quality gems are also selling really well in bulk. Most JC's on my server are focusing on blue/epic quality while taking the green quality and converting to enchanting mats. I on the other hand take the green quality and sell the common cuts for 5-7g each and sell a ton of them daily.

    I just bought my vendor mount which took my alt to 2k, but now i'm back up to 12k in a week. I'm debating on buying my main AH toon a vendor mount but am reluctant since I have a brewfest kodo and like it a lot. The damn vendor mount does not fit in the sewers and various places due to it's size.

    My speculation: for all JC's out there. I would expect the epic gem market to ramp up a bit now that all the titanium ore has been prospected and ppl have spent their emblems/honor buying all the epic gems. With heroic ToC having more bosses each week and ppl attaining triumph gear, there will be more of a market for epic gems.

  5. I've been struggling to find my own epic gem niche. I researched the blue gem market and didn't see much potential, so I'm hoping epic gems turn around. I'm only selling an average of 2 a day, each for about 200-250g.

    Personally, I wasn't a JC around the days of blue gems, so I have been a bit overwhelmed with just how many recipes there are. I've been trying to find my own niche by getting new cuts for gems that are less popular. This has the affect of giving me an advantage by being the only, or just one of a few sellers, but sometimes the gems simply don't sell.

    I am, however, constantly reminded about how priced drop, rebound, spike and repeat. I bought out dozens of stacks of Fel Iron and Adamantite and just within the last week I've been able to sell all the uncut green gems for 8g and the dust for 5g. I did however have to sit on these mats for 2 weeks as prices rebounded.

    I also made an 800g investment into some cheap thorium ore, and I'm now waiting for those prospected gems to rebound from their current fierce competition.

    And I a noob and missed something, but why the hell does ammo not sell anymore? Saronite Razorblades and Mammoth Cutters are as low as 10g a stack of 1000, I was selling stacks for 25-35g pre 3.2...was there a change I missed?

  6. Re: Asriel...

    Why didn't you just mail some of the ore from your banker to your main, then hit return to send back to your banker and let it sit in the mail until after the patch instead of stopping your farming? I use the mail as extra bank slots all the time.

  7. Cost of ammo production reduced dramatically.

    3.1 it was 15 bars for 2000 arrows.
    3.2 it is now 4 bars for 2000 arrows.

    1000 should cost tops 3g to produce - they still go for around 6-9g on my server, 100-200% return.

  8. I'd be very careful getting too hard into the blue gem market, prices spiked hard on my server when the patch dropped, but they are now starting to go very quickly in the opposite direction.

  9. I have now noticed a lack of epic gems on the market. It seems as though my initial prediction is correct.

    The price of cut/uncut epic gems are now slowly going up as the supply is going down. People are not using their Conquest emblems for epic gems but rather gear upgrades.

    I have actually been making a lot of money with old world gems, gems that are prospected from mithril/thorium. I sold Huge Emeralds for 50g each. The demand is not as consistent but considering ppl want to level their JC and are impatient, they will pay when there is a shortage of supply.

  10. on Mal'Ganis, cut blue gems have collapsed after the mad rush post-3.2 to about 5-7g for jc-trained to 10-12g for jc-farmed and 15-22g for rarer patterns. The only gems holding @ 50g are the scarlet rubies: runed, bold, fractured cuts.

    I was making around 1500-2500 per day from blue gems when the epic gems came out, but now it's down to around 500 per day as the market is flooded with sellers.

    I expect a short revival for first couple weeks of season7 for blue cuts, though i am currently making more gold with other trades ATM.

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