Boar Ribs - The other White Meat

This post ranks right up there with one of my favorites of all time because it's simple, effective, and gets you lots of gold. Thanks to Will of wowconfidential for this tip :)

I just finished a video on a farming spot I make 500+ gold from an hour.

The video is based on the cooking market. Most players wait until the level cap to start power leveling their professions and the fact that cooking really isn't necessary until you start raiding (for making your own food stat buffs) it is easy to understand why people hold off leveling cooking.

Many of the ingredients needed for power leveling cooking are found in the old world and level 80's don't want to go through the hassel of travelling back and finding the most efficient spots so they just buy the meats from the Auction House.

After analyzing all the meats needed to go hit the cap I've noticed that "Boar Rib's" are consistently in demand and in low or no supply on the AH.

I've sold Boar Meat now for 2g 95s EACH, and given that I can farm 180 an hour this comes out to 531g an hour.

Here's a video of the best route:

Thanks for reading

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  1. He forgot about the instance cap (can only run it 5 times an hour) so its pretty far from 511G an hour

    And some of us still have the instance door boss to go through =p

  2. This is EXACTLY what I want to do within WoW to make gold. so much fun! Nonetheless, an effective way to make some gold.

  3. which instance is this anyway?

  4. @Anonymous, the First. Does the instance cap apply across entire accounts or? Most people (and I'm not one of them) have multiple 80's. When you hit the instance cap you could just hop on another toon and keep farming ribs.

  5. I would think that Stringy Wolf Meat is more useful for leveling cooking, as Charred Wolf Meat and Spicy Wolf Meat will get one all the way to about skill level 60

  6. @1st Anonymous
    I get about 12-15 ribs per run (4 mins to run), and sell them for 2.95g each (have sold them at 3.95g each recently)

    so in 5 runs you get 256g for 22 minutes of work.

    You would not want to post more than 60 or so ribs on the AH at a time or you'll be flooding the supply. (Post in stacks of 10)

    One thing I do is run BG's inbetween runs (since you can queue anywhere) and farm up to 200 to store on my alts bank to post whenever my auctions all sell.

  7. I ran did this for 20 minutes on my 72 paladin (hit the instance cap) and got 52 boar ribs, 8 greens (im a disenchanter) and a few gold worth of greys.
    Awesome tip - thanks markco! Ill report back on how much gold it actually was once everything sells.
    Kylawlz of blackrock.

  8. I've checked on a couple of the servers I have characters on, and the ribs don't go for anywhere near that price.

    Not yet, anyway.

    Nice run if your farmer happens to be a skinner as well. Double the profits!

  9. Its still far less gold per hour than farming mining/herbalism on a flying mount, or working the AH, or even farming eternals.

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  12. Nice blog. I liked this blog.

  13. Nice blog. I am also Player

  14. The cap is per account, so yes, 5 instances for all your characters together. (I know it because it bite me once.)

    The problem with the cooking market is that you can sell meet for high prices. A few. After relisting for weeks.

    Might be nice to start money on a server but afterward it's not worth the effort, IMHO.

  15. I was pumped to try this out and for the last day I've been the only person selling Boar Ribs on the AH on my server but nobody is buying. I listed a stack of 20 for 3g each, two stacks of 10 for 3.50 each and 5 singles for 4g each. I figured since I am the only seller I could go above your 2.95 mark a bit... maybe not.


  16. with any market where you are the sole provider but unsure of the demand, start with a lower price.. so 2g 45s each (stacks of 10) and if you are getting 80%+ success rate raise your prices.

    I have sold 6 stacks a night x10 until recently where 3 other people started flooding the market.

  17. Add skinning to the mix for people power leveling their leatherworking and it's even more easy gold, it will take a few minutes extra, but it also makes the instance cap a bit more bearable.

  18. Haha, this is based on the crazy idea that I wouldn't get the "Additional instance cannot be launched" BS.

    Alas, all instance farming is useless on our server (Arthas-US) until Blizz get's their act together.

  19. Razzle dazzle said... September 1, 2009 at 6:22 AM

    There are better drop rates of the boars in Loch modan and easier to kill

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