Cross Faction Purchases - Quick Gold Tip

This is a heads up to any savy auctioneers that want to make thousands of gold. I will have a post in the near future and probably a video regarding this topic but for now I'm going to tell you one piece of advise:

On pvp realms you can now make cross faction characters.

Take that information and run with it, remember that you can't buy from yourself in the neutral auction house.

6 comments: on "Cross Faction Purchases - Quick Gold Tip"

  1. I saw this last night and had the same thought. If I wasn't going to transfer soon off my PvP server I'd get started right now.

    Happy sales to all the new cross-faction pvp players.

  2. ugh id love to do that but i have 10 chars already on my server, 1 for each class. I hope they make it so you can have a few more than 10 characters per server.

  3. There is always a lack of thorium ore horde side of my alt server........hrmmmmmm.

  4. How do you transfer stuff if you can't buy from yourself in the neutral AH - at least for those of us with one account.

  5. You need to find help from someone on the other side to make the transfer.

  6. I don't get it...

    U cna't Mail any gold or Items to unfriendly targets...

    What's the point, or how do u transfer?

    Kind Regards!

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