Cross Faction Trading

Step 1: Create a level 1 of the opposite faction (better be alliance) on your server.

Step 2: Run the alt to the auction house and compare prices.

Step 3: On your mail go to booty bay and grab an alliance friend.

Step 4: Place items on the neutral auction house for 1 copper buyout and have your friend buy them off you.

Step 5: Your friend should mail all the items to your level 1 on the other side.

Step 6: Sell your goods (make sure your friend gives you some starter cash)

[Comment regarding high neutral cut removed]
EDIT: Sorry I mispoke. I meant to discuss the fact that transfering gold across characters isn't worth it (because the neutral cut is so big) and that it's better to sell items 1 copper at a time then sell it on the other side. Don't know what I was thinking lol.

Communication is the key to this, if you don't have an alliance friend, you won't be able to buy your own auctions (game won't let you).

Don't forget that if you've never experienced the opposing faction that the day you get on could be a super low price or super high price for whatever item you're comparing. Get some data over the course of a week before jumping into a market.

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  1. Step 4a: curse when an auto-clicker picks up your valuable items for 1c.

    Beware of botters in goblin cities.

  2. Or someone kills the auctioneer... that actually happened to me .. twice lol.

  3. I use a strategy for buy-bots: I post a canary auction- like a single infinite dust or cobalt ore for 1c, and if they ever gets sold, I immediately stop and wait for the bot to get banned.

    That or if there's a persistent bot preventing me from arbitrage for weeks in a row, I sell the items for about half of what they're worth to me. I still have to pay an AH fee, but at least my commerce can continue.

  4. The neutral AH is great for selling Mithril casings. You're questing in Un'goro and you suddenly need a mithril casing for Chasing A-Me....where's the nearest AH? Why, Gadgetzan, of course. When casings were selling for 2-3g on the faction AH, I could sell them for 7-8g easy at the neutral AH, and sold several a day. This was in BC...I'm sure you could sell them for more nowadays.

  5. "Important: The neutral auction house takes a huge cut when you post any item with a posting cost."

    You pay a DEPOSIT which you get returned when the item is sold.

    You buy the item yourself, therefore the gold is NOT lost, it is just tied up for a short time.

  6. it's a little safer (but not as speedy) to use two alliance banking alts and post your 1c auctions through a guildie rather than an alliance 'friend.' granted, you'll have to probably do a handful of starter quests to fund the buying, mailing, and posting of the transferred goods, but it may be the only option for those of us who hate all alliance equally and it won't take that long. it might even be fun; i've heard wonderful things about the draenei totem quests.

    or you could use just one alliance alt and spend a lot of time traveling as needed if you have nine active horde toons.

    last thought: booty bay mail box, guild bank, and auctioneer can all be accessed without moving by standing on the edge of the crates next to the Auctioneer O'reely at the end of the docks, and the normal bank only requires a shuffle to the right to access. sadly, it is also a rather dangerous location.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. Yeah I don't see how you lost 33g trying to move saronite. One stack vendors for 5g. A 12hr auction at a neutral AH(according to wowwiki) is 75% of that, so 3.75g deposit. Which is returned to you.

    Like RFfairney said, the AH takes it's cut from the winning bid, 1c in this case.

  9. You forgot the most lucrative of cross-faction trades - faction specific pets.

  10. FYI the Neutral Auction House takes a 15% cut from any sold auction, very similar to Ebay...

    My suggestion for cross-faction trading is to ensure that you account for at least 40% profit. If transferring a lot of items, and worried about someone "botting" your auctions, just post at your buy price and accept the 15% AH cut as an insurance.

    Also, get a second account so you can run both toos at the same time, and have some triple XP goodness for your alts...

  11. ""Important: The neutral auction house takes a huge cut when you post any item with a posting cost."


    No the Neutral AH takes a huge cut, I've sold a pet for 1k gold and only got 850. That's not a 150 gold deposit....

  12. "No the Neutral AH takes a huge cut, I've sold a pet for 1k gold and only got 850. That's not a 150 gold deposit...."

    And if we were talking about selling on the AH that might make a difference.
    We're not, We're talking about arbitrage, moving items through the neutral AH to sell it on the other factions auctionhouse

  13. You get your deposit back when it sells, which it always does because you are buying from yourself for 1 copper.

    As for the AH "cut" it is a percentage of the sell price. So the "cut" of 1 copper isn't really that bad :)

  14. People placing items under a 2G buyout price is what garners me a huge amount of profit from abyss crystals, epics, and titanium ores. I'm not a botter but like to think its a bit savvy to alt park at the nuetral AH looking for such delicious bargains. Buy low and sell big!

  15. "step 1: create a lvl 1 char of the other faction (better be alliance"

    What do you have against the alliance?

  16. " to think its a bit savvy to alt park at the nuetral AH looking for such delicious bargains...."

    I can think of another 5 letter word that starts with s and ends in y to describe that behaviour..

  17. Aww someone has hurt feelings. I can understand that you feel a bit negative(I read your anon comment as nothing but a bout of jealousy) simply because people profit against others in this game. Don't worry! One day you'll make gold in the game too. ^.^

  18. Why so catty, Masaya? I am neither jealous nor gold-poor. I also see nothing wrong with buying low/selling high on the faction AH. However, on the neutral AH, you know very well what people are doing, why be an a-hole?

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