Eternals Rising Again

Here are a list of some of my favorite eternal farming spots, take heed and get out there if you want to make some easy cash with all the epic gem transmutations.

Eternal Air
Eternal Water
Eternal Fire
Eternal Earth
Farming Eternals in Wintersgrasp (best spot for life and shadow as well)

There are many more farming spots listed on this site for those eternals, so feel free to 'shop' around for your favorite spot.

3 comments: on "Eternals Rising Again"

  1. Can you do a updated blog on using Auctioneer. It seems to be completey different then you blog in Jan.

  2. That post was meant to be a decent outline which I then fleshed out in my gold guide. I double checked and the old information still follows the same principles: Unload mail box, scan auctions, search vendor and arbitrage, post auctions, return to mail box for the next load.

  3. You're not kidding about Eternals being on the rise! Because I farmed so many though, I just sell them for cheap and get a nice little profit off of each one. Sold about 12-15 altogether over the course of 4 hours on my server, making just over 51 gold total off of it.

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