Flying Mounts in Cataclysm

Flying mounts in Azeroth are going to change the economy greatly. In fact, it's going to flip many markets completely upside down. Changes to the cost of leveling professions will also add to creating less of a need for old world mats.

You're going to have huge increase in farmed supply and a huge decrease in need, even with new races leveling their professions.

If you have old world mats, get rid of them in a timely fashion before Cataclysm... which could be a year away, so you have some time to farm Darkwhisper Gorge before it becomes a home for the Twilight Cultists.

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  1. But... as you suggest, some zones are changing, so they may not be as readily available for farming, at least by lower level toons.

    Blizz also stated that nodes would receive an overhaul, so there may be other changes coming.

    Perhaps even new ore, new gems, who knows...

  2. All legitemate points! :D

  3. They'll have to do something overwise levelling most professions (except tailoring and enchanting) will become absolute nightmares for incoming players without flying mounts.

    Remember how bad it was gathering herbs and ore in Outland when you couldn't fly and everyone else could?

  4. So much speculation, its fun! I don't get my server but we must have some serious farmers, I bought another 4k worth of cheap thorium ore (18g per stack). Already recouped 2k through prospected gems and I've only gone through about 16 stacks.

    Isn't it possible old world mats will go up? You recently had a post about Outland mats going up due to the lowered cost of mounts which allowed players to skip content all together, or at least proceed faster through it, thus leaving less time to farm nodes while questing.

    The same may happen to old world mats as well, and it's not like lvl 80s are already going out of there way to mine copper, there are more lucrative markets with less competition.

  5. Why so many posts about something that isn't even close to coming out?

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