Gems will be destroyed by the Cataclysm

Many of you have probably found out from other news sites already (darn the fact that I post once a day), that many stats you've come to dislike accumulating are being destroyed. That's right, no more armor pen, attack power, spell power or MP5 on gear.

I'm not going to get into the new stat balancing changes or anything like that, but I will give you a warning:

Gems are going to have to be destroyed or changed in some way.

Let's say you have +40 Attack power gems or w/e the maximum epic is these days. Cataclysm hits... BAM that attack power is now removed from items. Will it also dissappear from gems? What will happen to your gems? It's possible that attack power gems will remain, however certain stats will have to disappear, such as MP5. Maybe the MP5 will be converted to spirit, but odds are those gems are going to have something happen to them.

I hope that blizzard simply changes all current gems in the game that represent stats no longer being supported in cataclysm to something more useful, but only time will tell.

Think of this as a warning but also as a tip: Don't stockpile useless stats for cataclysm and focus on the stuff people are really going to want to stock up on, such as the new and improved spirit or agility.

Yellow gems are probably the only unaffected ones.

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  1. With different stats translating into attackpower (eg. Warrior 1 STR = 2 AP ; Rogue 1 AGI = 2 AP) it'll be impossible to have an 40 AP gem turned one way or another without consequences. Most likely the gems will turn one way (towards strength for example) making them useless to a large group that has them socketted.
    We'll have to wait for the Beta to see which will happen.

  2. When they merged +healing and +spell damage they left the recipes for each item, but they both had the same stats. Since all classes will get 2 AP from 1 Agi, my guess is it'll be changed from 40 AP to 20 agi. Good thinking tho, this is certainly something to be aware of when purchasing gems, crafting, etc.

  3. Defense is a yellow gem, and defense is being eliminated.

  4. There will be a HUGE market to cater to folks whoose gems and enchants got screwed up by Blizz.

    But there may also be new gems in Cat as well. Once we get a beta, it will be a lot clearer.

    But there are so many JCers now, I'm not going to try to stockpile. The market is too volatile.

  5. With spellpower removed and int becoming the primary DPS/healing stat for casters. I'm pretty sure they will move int to a red gem (otherwise there is literally nothing a caster can use that is red).

    AP on gear has always deviated towards to agility-based classes. As such, I find it likely to get them all converted to agility gems.

  6. They are probably re-organising the colours in gems, re-colouring stats according to conversions like MP5=Spirit.

    I actually can't wait for the Beta now. :D

  7. I have one toon that is a JCer and one that is an enchanter..both are now what? With enchanting what do you think will be the most valuable out there? I would hate to have worked so hard on both toons to get there professions up to max and then have them both being worth nothing after next year.

  8. Just remember that

    1) The proposed release date is 2010, and Blizzard won't even commit to that, so Cataclysm is *at least* one year away. Probably more.

    2) We have no idea about what Blizzard is going to do about replacing the stats. If they can't figure out a way to change the gems, enchants and stats without pissing off most of the player base they may well shelve the whole idea.

    btw, Will is wrong, not all classes with be getting 2AP from 1 AGI.

  9. We'll see the gems turn into equivilent stats, such as AP into AGI, Spellpwr to INT.

    The interesting thing will be to see how they handle this with classes such as warrior, who may have AP gems, but would rather have STR than AGI.

    What they should do is turn all exisiting gems into a sort of token to your inventory that you can turn into an NPC to convert to what you want that is equivilent value.

    Or turn all gems back to their raw gem in your inventory.

  10. Most likely they will leave existing gems and enchants providing the current stats, But future enchants and gems will be added (of course) with different stats.

    They will also likely remove the spells for those gems and enchants, so they cannot be created again.

  11. Maybe they'll change AP gems on rogues to AGI and AP gems on warriors to STR. That would be sweet. I'd be pretty pissed if they just deleted my gems.

  12. Re: Bright/Bold/Delicate gem - its a moot point for plate wearers, we'll all be using Bold for Strength and the conversion won't affect us. For Hunters/Rogues/Shaman its another story, so any AP gem should become AGI in 4.0.

    Casters are going to get screwed due to Intellect gem being yellow, and most dps caster gear having red sockets. Orange gems might be worth more for this market once changes start coming in, at least pre-85.

  13. Destroyed is a pretty harsh way to accept change. Spell power became a major stat when +healing and +damage caster stats merged. I believe that they will be a bit more creative than to just merge all attack power into agility since it is a byproduct of agility and strength. This is all speculation so it isn't time to hit the panic button quite yet.

  14. The stats are getting removed from gear, but the stats themselves aren't getting deleted from the game. AP will exist on things like rings and such for example, so anyone can use them. This was said at blizzcon.

    My guess: Gems aren't being changed at all. AP will stay AP. Spellpower will stay spellpower. Intellect will probably become red though, or else you'll see casters put spellpower in red, and intellect which is spellpower in yellow, making gemming for them easier than anyone else.

    I doubt we'll see any Bright cuts anymore, just like Teardrop went away with wrath. If intellect becomes red, Runed will go away too.

  15. This will also have a major effect on the gem market in Cataclysm. There's currently like 80 types of gems or something. About 10 of them are heavily used and big sellers (+SP, +Str, +Stam, +Def, +Hit, etc.), 20-30 of them are long tail, and 40 of them are really niche. Cutting all these stats is going to decimate those long tail gems, which will cut a lot of profit out of the market.

    All professions exist on a continuum from Inscription (hundreds of sellables with their own recipes) to Alchemy (like 5 things that actually sell). Things like Inscription have dozens of profitable niches, and things like Alchemy have everyone competing to undercut each other on Flasks of the Frost Wyrm. Right now, JC is close to Inscription on this scale - there are major markets everyone competes in (Runed Rubies), but also smaller markets in other gems one can have a niche in. The removal of so many stats will result in the gem market unifying around 5 or so BiS gems, with the other gems selling only as a way to make socket bonuses work.

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