The Goblin Race and Why I'm Rolling One

Goblins... those sly green midgets are finally entering the horde, and I'm so rolling one next expansion. I'm not doing it for their reverse-disengage belts or rocket launching ones either. Nor am I doing it for their passive racial. Instead, I'm picking a goblin because they may single handledly be the greatest money making machines in the game.

I'm going to give you several cases where being a goblin is better than any other class:

You're out farming at your favorite farming spot and run out of room. You've already dumped all grays that you don't need onto your mammoth vendors so now you have a full stockpile of goods you'd like to store. Instead of hearthing or running to a mailbox to send the items to an alt, for the first time ever you can summon a helper goblin and put the items directly in your bank or your guild bank. You've just eliminated the middle man. But wait... it gets better.

Want to send items between your characters for crafting without using a mail box and having to log in and out... put all your items into a guild bank for your alts.

Let's say you want to buy some reagents or other items that might be more expensive based on reputation with a faction. Maybe in the expansion there will be an item you'd like to buy off a faction's vendor that is necessary to some profession. Get your goblin to buy it, he always gets the best deal, as if he was exalted with the faction.

All I have to say is... goblin is going to be my favorite class. Who knows, he might even replace the mighty markco.

14 comments: on "The Goblin Race and Why I'm Rolling One"

  1. Its a race not a class "my favorites class." and what class would you pick then? :)

  2. Woops meant to write goblin warrior.

  3. Also I thought... If u had the tundra mammoth, as well as the argent tournament's squire with mailbox/ah/banking capabilities, you might never need to go back to a town. In fact, you could create your own.

  4. Yeah rush, all you would need is jeeves to create your own town.

  5. When I saw the title of the post I seriously expected you to simply say 'It's a Goblin. I'm a money making guru. It just makes sense."

  6. Why bother? Don't we all have enough gold as is?

  7. I'm so rolling one too.....ilikegold the goblin FTW.

  8. My worgen will pwn your goblin! And steal his lootz! I'm definitely gonna roll a worgen. I don't know about the goblins. They're damn ugly.

  9. Goblin Deathknight ftw

  10. Yes, the half hourly bank access rocks, and I'd still roll a goblin regardless of that!

    The thing is though, you only get regular banking facilities with Jeeves or your Argent Squire/Gruntling, so what's to say that the goblin racial is limited to the same thing as well?

  11. All races are getting upgraded racials so I guess we will have to see what the others are before making decisions :)

  12. I rock Jeeves, upgraded Argent Squire, travelling tundra mount, wormhole generator, 2 old world transporters, mol-ee, Hearth Stone ring and I feel like a self sufficient machine!

  13. And, just for lore reasons, I think every horde player has to roll a goblin to be your bank alt.

  14. Twan said almost everything, except that medallion that ports you to BT and the argent tabard, that ports you to colliseum

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