21 Tips in 21 Days - Last One!

It’s finally here, your last day and time for the best tip you will ever get. Take a break today. Don’t play wow, but instead go for a run, call a friend you haven’t seen in a while, or do some chores. Stay away from the computer as long as possible, as well as any screen. Give your eyes and your brain a break today; you’ll be shocked how much better you play tomorrow.

I'm dead serious about this tip. The more rested you are, the more relaxed your muscles are, and most importantly the less strained your eyes are the better you will play.

I hope you enjoyed the 21 tips in 21 days and feel free to click on the topic '21 tips in 21 days' to view all the tips at once.

8 comments: on "21 Tips in 21 Days - Last One!"

  1. Never, I need to make more money.

  2. I pay someone to take breaks for me.

  3. cop out :(

  4. You know you play WoW wayy tooo much whenn...
    "I pay someone to take breaks for me."

  5. Poor ending to a good series.

  6. Great tip, so true!

  7. hot_boy_ronald said... August 3, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    he is absolutely correct

    all you naysayers who are disagreeing havnt tried it =_=

    in 10 years you wont remember the day you made 5k gold, but you will remember the good times you spent with friends and family. try it out. do something fun in RL for a change.

  8. I'll go out and do RL things....but I can't leave WoW! Ill use this article as permission to BoT WoW, thanks!

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