Making Money With Nothing
Here are my three favorite ways to make gold when I have little to none on a new server:

Farm Low Level Meat - Level 9-12 mobs
Disenchant Low Level Greens - Level 5-13
Trade Low Level Reagents - Usable by 80's (if they don't have the minors). Shamans in particular have enough useful minor glyphs that they sometimes won't get water walking or water breathing glyphs, thus keeping the fish oil and fish scales valuable whereas light feathers have become worthless.

Please note that none of these methods make you rich, they simply provide you with some starter cash at lower levels.

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  1. I like to buy up lowbie recipes and sell them off in the AH. Depending if anyone else is doing it, you can make anything from 20 silver to 5-6 gold for patterns - and that's just the ones you can buy from a vendor in Stormwind. Patterns like Loch Frenzy Delight (Loch Modan) and the crab recipe from the lighthouse in Westfall easily sell for 15-25 gold.

  2. Farming small eggs is a great way to make money. Also trade in small bags. Buy em for cheap and repost em on ah.

  3. Sorry if this sounds negative but why wouldn't you just run a DK through the starter zone and send your new lowbie 30-50g at the end of it? Rinse and repeat if necessary...
    That's always been my plan if I ever wanted to start again on a new server.

  4. To expand on SD's advice, I've paid tens of gold for lowbie vendor recipes in a neutral AH. But the quest-reward recipes are much less common, and should fetch much higher prices.

    For an early windfall, don't train those recipes (Kaldorei Spider Kebabs, Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin, etc.) but list them for exorbitant prices with no buyout.

    Any cook two or three recipes shy of "Chef de Cuisine" will pay dearly for them.

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