New Excel Addon for Auctioneer

I received an interesting email regarding a new addon for you wow auction house nuts:

"Hi Markco,

I've developed an application that takes WoW Auctioneer data into a spreadsheet format and even creates reports in Excel, if it is installed.

I'm currently trying to make it known to the world so that more people can enjoy the result of my work.

I'd very much appreciate if you could help in this regard (post on your site, link, mention in any other way), as well as if you could send me your feedback about how you think I may improve it.
The addon is hosted here: and at (search for "wow sales reports").

Thanks a lot!"

Give it a try and please give any feedback you have to the author, it will help improve the addon. Thanks guys and girls!

11 comments: on "New Excel Addon for Auctioneer"

  1. OK so I haven't looked at this yet (at work currently) but I think this might be just what people have been looking for. I'll (hopefully remember to) report back within a day or 2 with my take on this program.

  2. Wow, thanks for the heads up Markco, this is exactly what I've been looking for

  3. A big shame it's Windows only, for we auctioneers who use Macs for our Warcraft.

  4. For some reason I just don't feel safe about using this application. When the first thing it does is ask for login information. I think I'll pass on it. If you think of it, us moneymakers would be the first target to get our accounts compromised.

  5. Well give it log in information that's different from your wow account.

  6. A binary-only application which the author recommends running a virus scan to make sure it's safe? Oh I'll feel much better once the virus scan is done. :/

    On top of that people are saying it asks for your login info?

    Thanks, but I'll pass.

  7. It only asks for your username so it can find the correct location of the data. You username is in part of the file path.

    It does not ask for a password.

    He should prabably check all usernames and just list the usernames for the user to pick. If there is only one like most people, use that. It does scare people when prompted with that info in that way.

  8. If I'm reading his site correctly, this generates Excel reports on all your auction listings and auction purchases. It does not seem to generate any reports based on the prices seen by auctioneer for items you're not directly buying or selling.

    As such, this seems to be targeted at high-volume buyers and sellers, who want to know more about what of their auctions sell, when, how often, and to whom.

  9. My first tought was that I'm not giving it my username - then I realized that I've already ran the program and info such as my username was already available to it. So I typed it in when I realized that it was because it want to know what account to generate the report from.

    I don't have excel, so don't know if it works, it doesn't seem to be importable to Open Office. Anyway it haven't tried to make contact to the outside so if it's malicious it haven't showen yet.

  10. I tried it. I use the second tab to tell me what makes the most gross income so I know what to make with my trade skill. I'm really surprised that Auctioneer doesn't come with this ability, it is just so helpful.

  11. Hi thank you for your programm, but can you do that it convert aucdb to excel or auc-data? How i understand its only conver beancounter data.

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