New Mounts and Turn Ins

Hey Marko!

I have now re rolled horde, and as such became interested in the new items available to the horde, including the new raptor mount. I came across a comment on wowhead sayong how to get the mount, which included giving the npc 20 runecloth and 20 Rugged leather. I just wanted to ask your opinion if it is worth buying these out now and hope for an increase in price, or to save my (at the moment low amount of) gold?

From Necrolia of Draenor EU

I predict that the runecloth will become more valuable but the Rugged Leather will only increase early on because there are tons of Rugged Leather dropping mobs right where you get the quest.

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  1. Problem is, everybody has some Runecloth lying around. Leather, not so much. You need Skinning for that.

    On my server, I sold the leather at 300% its cost, and it was still too low, and I didn't have nearly enough of it (only half a bank tab).

    Runecloth I struggle to get 150%, lots of heavy undercutting and very little demand.

    Since by now, most of the demand should have flattened out, I don't see such spikes in demand anymore.

  2. Rugged leather is 30 gold a stack on my server currently, selling pretty well. The cloth sells best during non-prime time hours.

  3. Ît only sells in the first week cause you only need one stack per character. The ones who are intrested in this mount already started with making daylies. So prices will dropping day for day

  4. It'll also sell well 20 days after patch, when people who picked it up directly realise they have to grab the mats.

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