Pick Pocket Farming - Cathedral of Darkness

Valustria presents: Pocket Farming the Cathedral of Darkness!

This is a very well done guide, I'm impressed! Basically you get to pick pocket some mobs and get tons of free gold.

12 comments: on "Pick Pocket Farming - Cathedral of Darkness"

  1. Since my rogue is a JC I often find myself in the Vykrul cave with all the slaves in Storm Peaks for the JC daily.

    The good thing with pickpocketing these mobs is that they are neutral and killable. I usually pickpocket an entire cave and then kill them all. Rinse and repeat. I would make a video but I'm too lazy and find it a waste of my time. lol

  2. would have been nice if he mentioned how much gold me made in vendor trash. otherwise, nice vid

  3. yeah im also curious as to how much he makes a run.

  4. me 3, like: time spent doin the whole cathedral = how much g

  5. I got 3-5g just from coins, and 50s-1g in vendoring the items.

  6. It only takes about two minutes to go through the whole place once you are practiced. I typically get 1-2 Runic Healing Potions, 5-25 silver per pocket, and a couple pieces of vendor trash that are typically worth 1-2 gold. It's not something that will net you a fortune, but it's basically free and is near a good area for farming Frostweave and greens, so it's convenient.

  7. Do we have any idea how long it takes for pockets to reset?

  8. This video actually made me sad.

    A mammoth on revered is 17000. He got 50-60 silvers / mob and 2 potions from 16 mobs (5G/8mob). So he pickpocketed around 7000 mobs to get that mammoth.

    I hope this video is here for "guys don't be THAT stupid"

  9. It's just for fun anyway, being all ninja-like with those elites :)

  10. Gevlon, no one wants to hear your negative comments without any constructive feedback. please leave that to your own site. thanks.

  11. Gevlon, a couple comments:

    1) There are 40 mobs in the Cathedral of Darkness. Two sides, each with five groups of four mobs... 2x5x4=40.

    2) I made the majority of my gold to buy my vendor mammoth selling cut gems on the AH.

    3) I thought I was pretty clear that this was just a quick and easy way to make a couple gold when you are in the area.

  12. Correction: 44 mobs in the Cathedral of Darkness. There's six groups on the left side.

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